The Wisdom of the Earth Difference

Wisdom of the Earth and Shining Sun Aromatherapy consider the practice of aromatherapy a sacred trust that has been bestowed upon us by the Plants & Trees and our ancestors.

We adhere to a number of guiding principles that make us who we are…

  • We Offer Only Pure, Medicinal-grade Essences
  • No Carrier Oil Dilutions
  • No Additives or Subtractives

Our essences are exactly as they come from the plant or tree…nothing added, nothing subtracted. We do not add carrier oils, nor do we remove any of the chemical constituents that make up a complete, whole individual essence.  We believe that the oils are most powerful when they are in their chemical integrity.

The only exception to this are the “Absolutes” – essences produced via chemical extraction.  Most Absolutes are flower blossom essences such as Jasmine or Tuberose, and represent only about 5% of our entire line of essential oils.  When Absolutes are produced for therapeutic purpose (versus, for example, perfume), the chemical extractant is filtered out so that the PPMs (Parts Per Million) remaining meet a medicinal standard.  Any essence in this category is clearly marked Absolute on the front of the label.

We Offer Only “Single”, Essences…No Blends

In a world filled with man-made blends for everything from arthritis to skincare, we honor the incredibly complex blend that each single essence already represents…a dynamic blend created by Mother Earth, which reflects the living chemistry of each plant or tree in a delicate, but powerful, balance.

While we use the oils in combination via the “layering” of two or more single essences at the time of application, we do not subscribe to the concept of pre-mixed blends.  I was thrilled, one day while meditating, to be shown the rainbow, in all its beauty, as Nature’s symbol of, and affirmation of, our approach of layering single essences that we wish to use together in a treatment, versus pre-mixing them and using them in a blend.

Because we feel that blending the oils compromises their healing potency and does not empower the individual, we, instead, seek to educate the individual – whether it be via our classes, a personal consultation or general product information – so that he or she can make an informed choice from among the numerous options for each situation.

So, for example, if we were advising a client on arthritic pain in the shoulder joint, we might suggest analgesic and anti-inflammatory essences such as Sweet Birch, Spike Lavender and Red Pine, layered individually on the area, versus a pre-mixed “arthritis blend.”

We Work With Many Small-Scale Farmers and Distillers

We believe that it is important to maximize the plant-human relationship, as we feel that increases the healing power of the essences.  Therefore, we love to work with farmers who love their plants and are passionate about the essential oils they help to bring into the world.  Many of our farmers couldn’t supply the larger aromatherapy companies for a day…we have consciously remained small to enable us to remain true to our original intention…to buy from small, family farms, where at all possible, and always, no matter the size of the company, have a personal relationship with our producers. 

Recently, a lovely Greek producer and I chatted back and forth on LinkedIn…we began exploring working together, and I mentioned that we highly value lavender for its pain reduction properties.  He excitedly told me about a muscle salve that one of the women in his office had made with several ingredients…one of which was the lavender from their small-scale farm.  They were not marketing the product, but in an unexpected and lovely gesture, he took the trouble to send me some all the way from Greece as a gift.  It was wonderful, but even more wonderful was that it showed how personal our relationships with our suppliers are. One more little story…one of my dear suppliers in Canada was lamenting that she was out of white sage, with which she makes ceremonial smudging wands.  I was able to connect with a supplier of fresh sage in California by way of another of our small farmers, and lo and behold…I was able to send her several boxes of beautiful California salvia apiana, which delighted her to no end.   She, in turn, providing some of her artisan oil to us for barter.  Generosity begets generosity.  

When Barry Kapp and I first created Wisdom of the Earth, and we met with many of our  international farmers personally, toured their facilities and explored with them how the various essences they produce might serve to enhance health and well-being. In this way, we benefited from their extensive knowledge and are able to bring uncommon and exciting essences, such as Ponderosa Pine Cone, Cucumber Seed Oil and White Cinnamon (sugandha kokila), to our clients. We have literally dozens and dozens of stories about our experiences with our farmers, many of which I hope to commit to video and post on this site.  Another future project!

All of Our Essences are Hand-Poured Into the Individual Bottles that You Purchase – No Machine Pouring

Once we receive the essence from the farmer, it is hand-poured from the large shipping containers into dark glass storage bottles.  The individual, small bottles are then filled by pouring the essence from the storage bottle to a glass calibrator, and then hand-pouring the essence from that into each small bottle. This pouring is done with intention and loving kindness.  

The bottles are then capped and labeled…all by hand.  We pride ourselves on giving you a “baker’s dozen” in each bottle…that is, we err on the side of putting a little extra in each bottle, never a little less.  All pouring is done in a sacred way – with clear, loving intention in a peaceful environment.

One of my clients once said to me “Your oils stand apart from the rest because I know where they come from!  I know that you personally know your sources, your essences are hand-poured…and you do everything you do with LOVE!”  And, that, I believe, sums up the Wisdom of the Earth Difference beautifully!  Thank you, Lynn!