Using Essential Oils in your Paint

by | Jun 9, 2011

We recently renovated part of a building on our property in Santa Fe into a lovely Casita for vacation rentals ( As the building had been used for storage for some time, we were really “reclaiming” the space in a significant way when we started the project. To that end, we placed crystals inside of the walls as they were being constructed, and beneath parts of the floor that were opened for plumbing, etc. We also periodically drizzled powerful essences like Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood, Pinion Pine and White Sage throughout the rooms and around the exterior perimeter to clear the space and create a safe environment for Leonardo to do the work.

When it came time to seal, stain or paint, we put essential oils in the product to create a particular energy in the space and to minimize (actually, it almost eliminates) outgassing. On average, I would put a total of 15-20 drops of oil in a roller pan of paint, or 50-75 drops in a gallon. In the bedroom, I chose calming, soothing, balancing essences like Lavender, Wild Chamomile and Geranium. In the living room, we put Lemon, Red Pine and Rhododendron in the paint…to be uplifting, centering and to attract people of like mind and heart.

In the Kitchen, I used Tarragon, Basil and Lemon…purifying, warming and spicy! For the entry door, we used Ylang Ylang, Violet and Myrrh for a heart-based, welcoming energy, coupled with protection.

Even when the scent fades, the energy never does. Many years ago, a client of ours in Doylestown, PA used a variety of essences when painting her newly-relocated healing center. She never got over how many people said “this space has the most wonderful energy” upon entering, compared to her previous location, which was equally lovely, but did not have the essences in the paint!

Warm regards,

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist

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