Two Essential Oil Tips Not to Miss!

by | Mar 12, 2012

My husband, Leonardo, and I were chatting with Shannon, one of my students, this morning, and I had the thought…they are both people who share advice and insights that really make a difference! Let me tell you why.

Tip #1: Several weeks ago, Leonardo and I were BOTH very sick with the respiratory “thing” that is going around…and I don’t just mean locally. Tightness in the upper chest, deep and lasting cough, unbearable head congestion, nausea, etc.

I was talking to Shannon on the phone during that time, and her first question was: “Are you taking your Black Cumin? I know that is why I haven’t gotten this horrible thing that is going around.” Well, I was embarassed to say that I HADN’T been. We had received a “new batch” of Black Cumin at Wisdom of the Earth some months back, and it had a somewhat bitter taste to it. It has always had a “kick” to it, but this was hard for me to swallow, literally. So I had backed off my daily regimen. “You’ll get used to it!” she told me.

So…we both went back to our daily regimen (me, about 30 drops once or twice a day, Leonardo…well, let’s just say he’s a “gulper”), and literally overnight we felt a huge difference, and within a couple of days, we were pretty much over this thing that was taking other people 4-8 weeks to recover from.

So….TAKE YOUR BLACK CUMIN! It will prevent some maladies, and greatly reduce the impact of others. And, you WILL get used to the taste, LOL. We always say, if there is an essence you LOVE, get lots of it, because we can’t promise that the next batch will be exactly the same. I should have followed my own advice with the Black Cumin 🙂 . But, it works…and that is what is important. This IS medicine, after all! It doesn’t have to taste great.

Tip #2: While we were talking to Shannon today, Leonardo was describing this amazing inhalation essence combination that really helped him turn around a sinus infection he had struggled with for weeks, as well as this respiratory thing he had gotten from me. This isn’t the “tip”, per se, but here is his “special” list of oils: Rabbit Brush, Helichrysum gymnocephalium, Inula graveolens, Zanthoxylum, Cistus (Steam Distilled), Eucalyptus Blue Mallee, Ravensara, & Spruce (Sitka).

What he said that made SO MUCH sense was this…he explained that he put the drops of these oils in the mug BEFORE he put in the boiling water, as this made the inhalation technique even more powerful that the way we usually did it, which was to pour the boiling water in first, and then add the oils to it. His observation was that, as you poured them into the boiling water, it was already starting to cool before you even began the inhalation. By adding the water second, it was at it “steamiest” at the start of the inhalation (we put a towel over our head & the mug to capture the rising steam…and then, gently breathe in). Aaaaah!

That little “tip” really adds some healing “punch” to the already powerful French Inhalation Technique.

So, thank you, Leonardo and Shannon. Two people who love and use the oils…and willingly share their experience and advice. In that way, we all benefit.

Warm regards,
Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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