Turning Adversity…into Adventure!!

by | Apr 9, 2009

Road to nowhere

I was returning back to Santa Fe today, after a couple of weeks of teaching at Wisdom of the Earth, answering phones, taking client orders, doing some planning with my business partner, Barry, and his wife…all the things I usually do when I am at my office in AZ. High winds outside of Flagstaff turned the gentle flow of trucks and cars into a parking lot on I-40. What to do?
I was determined to get to Santa Fe…hadn’t seen my husband, Leonard, in two weeks…or my dogs, chickens, goats and burros. I called Leonard to see what he thought about the situation…he conferred with a friend whose father is on the police force. He confirmed that roads were being closed because of the high winds…and I may as well turn around because I clearly wasn’t getting to Santa Fe that night…determined or not.
I was frustrated, disapointed, and starting to get angry. Realizing there was no future in that, I dug through my purse and TA-DA! Found my AromaKit and started thinking about what would help me work with these negative feelings. Grapefruit! Worked off my shoe, and dabbed a few drops on the soles of my feet (ok, I was driving…don’t try this at home!!!). Lavender, Highland (1800 meters). Oh-la-la!! Put a little of that over my heart. White Pine…a few drops on my crown chakra, and I hardly remembered why I was upset!
I was now glad I was safe and sound (and not in the middle of a dust storm like hundreds of drivers an hour or so ahead of me). I was glad that my husband was more concerned with my safety than selfishly encouraging me to get there no matter what. In fact, he suggested I get a room in Flagstaff so I wouldn’t have to unnecessarily drive extra hours and tire myself out. So…here I sit at the Days Inn in Flag…happily blogging away and thanking the essences for helping me shift my emotions from negative to positive.
Grapefruit, like all citruses, lightens our mood, lifts our spirits, and makes us feel like everything is going to be OK! Lavender (especially the hand-picked Highland from Provence, FR) is calming and soothing. White Pine clears your mind (and kind of “resets it”, if that is what is needed), connects you to your higher self…and lets you see that everything happens for a reason. It is a great one for seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.
Pure essences, topically applied, get into your blood stream in a matter of seconds. My “shift” took all of about a minute (actually, it was happening even before I finished applying the third and last essence). Think how powerful this can be, especially when we realize that our reality is created by our PERSPECTIVE. Our ATTITUDE. Wow.
Have you had the experience of having your perspective turned around with the essences? If so, I would love to hear about your experience!
audreheadshotweb‘Til next time…
Audre Gutierrez

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