True Basil Essential Oil…A Seeker of Truth: Essence 16 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Nov 21, 2009

Beginning my Journey with True Basil

True BasilIt is early morning. I get comfortable in my sun-filled Santa Fe office and prepare to connect with True Basil essential oil. I apply 5 drops of True Basil to my crown chakra (a very favorite place of mine to apply essences) and 3 or so over my heart. I immediately taste her in my mouth…my mouth feels alive! She is broadcasting the nature of her essence…Truth, Truth, Truth. I see the word, I “feel” the word, and I speak the word. She continues…”Truth is Simplicity.” So what, exactly, does she mean??

Keeping us in our Integrity…or…There are no “Innocent” Lies

I am reminded of the saying, “When you tell the truth, it is easy to remember what you said.” Or, in other words, you never have to worry about being “tripped up” in a lie…even an “innocent” one. (Are there really any innocent ones???) While a lie may seem innocent…it may “spare” someone’s feelings, for example, I am of the belief that, while it may not hurt them, it definitely hurts the one who spoke it. It eats away at one’s integrity, bit by bit, in the case of “innocent” lies, and by huge chunks when the lie is deceptive or hurtful. Our words reveal, in the deepest sense imaginable, who we akashic recordsare. They are forever noted in the Akashic records. When we speak anything other than the truth, we are diminished. We are less than who we were just minutes before. We become embellishers, manipulators, or, even sadder, someone who thinks who they TRULY are, or what they TRULY did, isn’t good enough for this particular situation or this particular audience.

Knowing What to Say, and How and When to Say it

True Basil helps us to “walk the line” of truth…to learn to be better communicators so that we can speak the truth, our truth, in a loving way. She helps us to refine the skill of timing, so that we say what we have to say when it can be most fully received. So if you know that you will be addressing a situation where the truth may be difficult to express, put a few drops of Sweet Basil on your throat chakra and another drop on your heart, and you will be supported in your desire to express your truth in a respectful and loving way. Own your truth, and it will set you free.

True Basil’s Ability to Balance the Brain, Purify the Body

One of the properties of True Basil that enables her to help us in our efforts to maintain our integrity is her ability to balance the brain on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual). She is also an incredible purifier, and in this process, helps us to sift our thoughts and words, so that we can choose what to address and the most effective means of expressing it. She helps you to “pick your battle” so to speak, affording you a powerful clarity of purpose and expression.

Staying “On Purpose”

True Basil also helps us to keep things simple in other ways. She starts working on you graphic of clutter(if you use her regularly) to clear out the clutter in your life. Self-defeating or judging thoughts, commitments that do not serve you, physical clutter that drains your energy (do you really need all of those “chachkas” around??) — these are all things that keep us from being our highest and best self because they keep us “off purpose”. That is, they distract us from acting and being in ways that move us toward achieving our life purpose. With all of the space and energy we can claim when we minimize the clutter and “off purpose” things in our lives, we are much more likely to discover and act according to our true purpose in this life.

Doing a Life Audit with True Basil as Your Guide

I would encourage you to put 5-7 drops of True Basil on your crown chakra, and another 3-5 on your heart…and then survey your life. Literally walk around your space, and see it with these new eyes. What would make your life simpler?? What have you been planning to tackle…and, these months or years later, is still stacked in your dining room or garage? Do a life purposecomparable scan of your emotional life…what makes you happy? When do you feel like you are “home”? What brings tears of joy to your eyes? Now reflect upon your spiritual life. What inspires you? What resonates as truth to you? Do you surround yourself with people and places that feed your concept of God/The Universe? Do you spend time connecting with Nature? Looking at the key aspects of your life (that all reflect past choices) with True Basil as your guide allows you to look at the consequences of those choices in terms of the life you have created for yourself. As I once said to myself after one such review…”I created this life, and I can un-create it and build a new one.” And I did.

True Basil comes to us from the country of Egypt, imbued with the ancient wisdom of that land, and offering her clear, unwavering perspective to you, if you will only reach out your hand and invite her into your life.

With love, Audre

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