The Violet Sea….and Upcoming Events

by | Jun 8, 2013

Hello again, and welcome to another Essential Thought!  I wanted to share a “day dream”, or a “dream upon waking” that I had the other morning…and then mention a few upcoming events for Shining Sun Aromatherapy that you might find of interest.

The Violet Sea

I awoke a couple of mornings ago with this thought in my mind “The Violet Sea…The Sea of Tranquility”.  All I could think of was the ability of Violet essential oil to bring calm to the most troubled of thoughts or emotions.  Even more important is her way of making us feel safe and protected.  While this image of The Sea of Tranquility on the Moon isn’t really violet-colored, the FEELING is violet!  sea of tranquility WEBBy that, I mean that this image brings a serenity, a tranquility to my eyes and my mind that drifts down into my heart and literally calms me.  Maybe it is the quiet, the silence of space.  Maybe it is the uninhabited landscape that conjures up the reflection that can occur when we are alone…without conversation, without interaction.

When we enter that quiet space, we access a part of ourselves that is so underutilized, so under-appreciated…and yet so powerful.  The insight and peace that are attainable through quiet reflection.  For those of you who may find it difficult to access that place, I would encourage you to put a couple of drops of Violet on your heart, and another drop on your third eye, and just allow your surroundings and your thoughts to ebb away until you are awash in the Violet Sea…the Sea of Tranquility.  From that place, you will attain a level of rejuvenation and a clarity that is almost impossible to achieve any other way than through meditation.  Enjoy.

Upcoming Events  

Essence Meditation – Sunday, June 30th, 2:30 – 4:00 pm                                                                                                                         ascension

I will be holding an Essence Meditation this Sunday at my Shining Sun Aromatherapy studio in Nambe, NM, just north of Santa Fe.   We will explore “The Essence of Light” through guided meditation and the application of several exquisite essences that are filled with light, including Helichrysum and Bergamot.  I will also speak briefly about essential oils and how they can greatly enhance the experience of meditation.

So, whether you are a practiced meditator or just curious about meditation, I invite you to join us for this lovely experience.  The cost of this program is $10 per person.  There will be time for sharing our experiences in the meditation, as well as questions regarding medicinal aromatherapy in general, or particular essences after the meditation.  Testers of all 200+ of the Wisdom of the Earth essential oils are available to explore at my studio.  Space is limited, so please RSVP to me at [email protected] or 505-438-0855 by Saturday noon if you would like to attend.

Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class – Arcata, CA,  Sat. & Sun., July 27-28, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

The early registration discount of $25 off the regular registration of $475 is good through this Thursday, June 27th, midnight.  Arcata is right near the ocean in Northern California, and is a beautiful place to be in the heat of the summer!  It is a scenic little town with a beautiful town square and unique and varied shopping opportunities.  Just ask me, LOL.  I will be offering the Wisdom of the Earth Certification class for the first time at my son’s office, NorthCoast Essentials.  We still have room for a few students who desire to explore the healing power and balance afforded by pure, medicinal grade essential oils.  Space is limited, so please contact me if you are interested in more information, or wish to register for this class.  [email protected] or 505-438-0855

The Whole Expo, Durango, CO, September 7 & 8

Shining Sun Aromatherapy will again have a booth at this great little Expo, which focuses on holistic and sustainable products and practices.  A great place to be in early fall…Durango is right on the Animas River, and the vendors at this show are a wonderful group of people…many of whom have been doing this expo for many, many years.  I will have some free tickets closer to the event…so let me know if you are interested, and I will put you on my ticket list!

That is all for now…take care and enjoy the wonderful sunshine.  Until my next Essential Thought…Love, Audre