The Powerful Essential Oil Anise Seed (anisum officinalis)…Essence 7 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences in 365 Days

by | Aug 25, 2009

Anise Seed…the Seed of Life

Aromatherapy enthusiasts…join me today on a very deep, inward journey brought to you by Anise Seed…or as she whispered to me when I put her on just now…The Seed of Life. That phrase has many meanings, depending upon which level you are considering. She is known for her hormonal balancing properties…so the seed of life could certainly refer to her ability to create a harmonious space for new life to begin. On a spiritual level, the seed of life can be those thoughts, those words, those deeds expressed from our hearts that take root in the life of another and change that life.

I remember when I was in my early twenties. I had recently started my first “real” job at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, NJ. The people there were quite nice and, for the most part, enjoyable to work with. There was one gentleman I used to pass in the halls quite frequently; we would always smile at each other and say “hello”, even though we did not actually know each other. Several years later, he became very ill, and passed away shortly after that. I was talking about his illness with a co-worker, and she made some reference to how sad I must be feeling, as we were such good friends.

I was surprised at her statement, hardly knowing him except for our occasional heart-felt hellos. I then learned that he had spoken to her about me…and to others as well, about how, no matter how bad his day might be going, when I would smile and say hello, it would brighten his day and tend to lighten his mood. I remember being shocked that someone, whom I hardly knew, had felt a difference in his life from an action I had barely considered. A difference large enough, that he spoke to others about it. That was a huge lesson to me about the power of our actions, no matter how small, relative to others.

So, the Seed of Life can be seeds that we “plant” (figuratively) in terms of ideas, words, a supportive hug, etc., that become something larger than the initial action. They take on a life of their own inside the life of another.

These seeds can also be planted in our own lives…plans that we have, dreams that we have, commitments to certain future actions that we share with others…and through that sharing…strengthen the resolve to honor that commitment within ourselves.

Anise Seed essential oil for the Circulatory and Digestive Systems

Anise Seed is described in the Wisdom of the Earth Reference Guide as being good for the heart…balancing the rhythm of the heart, tonifing the heart, and regulating blood pressure. It is also good for the digestive system…helping relieve the buildup of gas and helping to cleanse and maintain the colon. While literally ALL pure, medicinal-grade essential oils are balancers for the body and spirit, I sense from Anise Seed that she is deeply gifted in this regard.

The Power of our Inner World…accessed by Anise Seed essential oil

When I put several drops of her on my throat and upper stomach, I immediately got a vision of going down into my womb, deep, deep down into the center of my being. I could hear my heartbeat, and felt the rhythmic pulsing of that inner world. When we are born, we leave nine months of being surrounded by a warm, soft, rhythmic, pulsing world…and are thrust into a world of an uncountable number of external stimuli. We learn, through our acculturation, to value and attend to the messages we receive from the outer world, and to be less attuned to the messages from our inner world. With the hook-ups to our musical toys, it is rare to see anyone walking or running without ear phones in his or her ears…as though our inner thoughts and the inner processing of the images we pass as we walk or run need to be shut out by music or other audio.

Anise Seed returns us to that inner world, and the knowing that is contained there. Trust Anise Seed to take you to the exact place in your inner world where the answers to your questions lie, where the memories you seek are stored. She is your guide to your inner world…let her take you there.

Much love, Audre Gutierrez

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