The Courage to be…YOU!

by | Jul 1, 2009

I receive daily tips from WordPress on blogging…amazingly, there is usually something insightful or useful in every edition! That is actually saying a lot, and I am impressed with their ability to consistently add value. The issue today was called “The Courage to be Wrong.” As the article progressed, I came to see that what they “really” meant was The Courage to be Different…which progressed to The Courage to be Yourself.

Be a stand out!! Dare to be different!

The author talked about the pressure to conform in our society…gee…is it still as bad as when I was young (MANY moons ago)? I still joke about my “whip marks”…the price I have paid many, many times for speaking out when others wouldn’t. I wish I had a dime for all the times co-workers, friends, family or others would say…”YOU say something…I’m afraid to.” I wish I had another dime for all the times that I actually DID say something at their urging. So, while I wasn’t necessarily one to conform as a result of the pressure we all felt to do so, I honestly hadn’t realized young people today feel that pressure, too.

The author brought the article to its crescendo by citing the business successes that could be traced back to someone challenging the “status quo”… taking a chance on doing something REALLY different, and then being rewarded for that courage. He talked about literally rewriting the rules instead of just breaking them (or following them).

He also hinted about the cost of conforming…of not being yourself: he mentioned losing your sense of self and of never really experiencing success…because, really, how big a splash can you really make when your life is just a slightly edited version of everyone elses??

I say “hinted about” because, clearly, the author was not in the kind of field I am…or he would have realized the cost of conforming is actually much greater than he described. I see people who are really SICK because they have denied who they are and have tried to live a life that meets their parents’ expectations, or meets society’s expectations, or their spouse’s, or meets their supposed version of one or all of those expectations. And then, the self-medication that I see because of the pain people experience by living a lie, is just heart breaking.

I remember a wonderful woman who had finally kicked alcohol in her 40s, and then was using our essential oils like Wild Chamomile, Laurel Leaf, and Geranium to get off of the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs she had taken all of her adult life. One day she turned to me and said “Do you know how terrified I am to remove these last filters (the drugs)??? I have NEVER experienced life without some kind of filter to buffer me (alcohol, prescription drugs) since I was 10 years old!!!

My mind scurried around, trying to take in the enormity of what she was saying to me. All these years, not being herself. And, having started so young…not having a clue as to who, exactly, “herself” actually is!!

So, for me, the greatest gift in the world is that of truly knowing who you are and being who you are…in all your authenticity and all your power. And who can give you that gift?? The Plants & Trees…the essential oils will deepen your connection to the Earth, and, eventually, to yourself…your AUTHENTIC self. In time, you will literally be unable to conceive of saying or doing things that aren’t really “who you are.” And, because you will KNOW who you are…you will become very clear on Who You Are Not!

Be courageous…make at least one decision today that supports who you truly are. And then tomorrow…make a decision DIFFERENT than what you would usually make that is more consistent with who you are. Everyday, reclaim more of your heart, more of your soul, more of your authenticity. There can be no price to pay that is too high. Let your essences support your journey to YOU…Put Ylang Ylang on your heart for self-love; Laurel Leaf on your throat chakra for courage and speaking your truth; Wild Chamomile on your wrists to calm you when things get rough; and Geranium on your stomach to ease the transition and help you keep your eye on the goal. They will be there when you falter…right there to shift your attitude and help you to prevail.

Blessings, Audre Gutierrez

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