The Chakra System…Igniting The Power Of Your True Self

by | Sep 1, 2018

I’m starting to think you can never talk too much about the Chakras! As subtle as they may seem, in terms of functioning as the energy centers of our body, it is pretty clear to me that, just like in aromatherapy, subtle is powerful.

I have had two Chakra-related experiences just this week. At my Meet Up gatheringTuesday night, we were talking about how to have personal stability when people and events around you are chaotic. We talked about tools like meditation, organization, whom and what you surround yourself with, the chakra system, and of course, essential oils.  I brought seven oils with me and we discussed each one, relative to how it helps to support or create stability in your life (see below). I had also picked them to balance and invigorate the seven chakra centers of the body so we ended the meeting with a meditation designed to align and balance the energies of the entire chakra system.

I will speak for myself in sharing how empowered I felt at the end of the meditation.  Seven oils, probably ten minutes of meditation at most… and I felt energized and focused, even at the end of a long evening that followed a very busy day.  I had energy to burn!  Quite a testimony to how powerfully the essences work with the chakras!

The second experience had to do with a recent project where I created a different kind of custom AromaKit for one of my clients. She wanted to address the chakra system, but was working with a group of people and therefore wanted 5 ml bottles of oils instead of the 2 ml bottles I use in my standard Chakra Balance AromaKit.  So we agreed that I would take 7 of the chakra oils from that AromaKit, and then include as the 8th, Geranium, which I used to balance the entire system.  I really enjoyed reflecting upon each purpose of the 15 oils in the kit to discern which seven would work best together, topped off by the addition of Geranium for the whole system. 

When I was done, I had selected Virginia Cedarwood (1st Chakra), Blood Orange (2nd Chakra), Ginger (3rd Chakra), Ylang Ylang (4th Chakra), Laurel Leaf (5th Chakra), Frankincense (6th Chakra), White Spruce (7th Chakra), and Geranium (Chakra System). I poured 5 ml of each, and put them in a beautiful, handcrafted bag which accommodates 10 regular size bottles, and sent them on their way. I can’t wait to hear how she and her group use these essences and what their experiences are.

These two events caused me to reflect upon how important it is to work with our Chakra system on an ongoing basis.  Working with intention, we are putting an emphasis on the key feelings and personal characteristics that not only define us, but shape the very choices and actions we take every minute of every day.

For example, if we just look at the Throat Chakra (5th Chakra), the seat of expression – whether it be our words, our song, our movement, our art or our writing – a few drops of Laurel Leaf will enliven this energy center, allowing us to communicate more mindfully, express ourself more authentically, and also be more receptive to the ideas and concerns of others. Further, a balanced and robust Throat Chakra facilitates our creative efforts, getting us over writer’s block by helping us identify what we know and care deeply about, and the powerful story we have to tell.  When we truly are living our passion and purpose, a healthy 4th Chakra motivates us to speak not only for ourselves, but for those who share our values but are voiceless or marginalized.

Imagine that higher functioning in the other six energy centers that govern our sense of security, our sexuality, our sense of self, our compassion, our intuition and our spirituality, and you can see how attending to the Chakra system can be a powerful tool for igniting self-actualization…the Power of Your True Self. 

And, as promised earlier, here are the essences I spoke about at the Meet Up gathering, and a few words about their role in effecting personal stability:  Balsam gurjun (Helps you deal with the worst of situations without debilitating stress or depression); Eucalyptus Mint  (Fosters the belief that all is unfolding according to a divine plan and timing);  Cistus (steam distilled)  (Makes us feel that we are on “solid ground”); Spruce, Sitka (Helps quite the physical body and understand the importance of “walking our talk”); Frankincense (Allows us to find our strength amid struggle or turmoil); Cypress (Helps you persevere through chaotic surroundings or confusing/conflicting messages from those around you); Geranium (Creates a quiet surety within us when the future is unclear).  I prepared a handout for the meeting, so if you would like a copy, please let me know, and I would be happy to send one to you!Pay more attention to, and show a little more love to, your Chakras…and they, in turn, will support you in being your best, most authentic self. You will be unbeatable!

With Love, Audre