The Amazing Essential Oil Anise Raven (ravensara anisata)…Essence 6 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Aug 20, 2009

Aromatherapy enthusiasts, I am ready to jump right in to my experience with Anise Raven essential oil. I put about 5 drops of Anise Raven on my chest and neck, and a couple on my wrists and rub them together. Immediately, I am calmed, though I did not know, before, that I was not! Sometimes, we do not know what we need until we receive it!! So…I felt the calmness, in waves, wash over me, wash through me.

Anise Raven is noted on the lable as Yin+ on the temperature “scale” (Yin being cool to warm in temperature…so Yin, in this case, is subtly warmer than the typical “warm” end of the Yin temperature range). I can feel it, for sure…even my lips are tingling a little.

Anise Raven Essential Oil for Hormonal Balance, Calming, Female Reproduction, Digestion & Sexuality

In aromatherapy, Anise Raven is known (and it is noted in our Wisdom of the Earth Reference Guide) for hormal balance for both men and women, and for all things associated with female reproduction…the menses cycle, conception, pregnancy, labor, and birth. The calmness I felt was reflective of her ability to calm muscle spasms, and to soothe irregular beating of the heart. She was definitely “heart calming.”

Following the anti-spasmodic and calming properties a little further down in the human body, Anise Raven is also good for colitis and flatulence …soothing irritated stomach lining and colon.

I felt her sassy spiciness…so THAT is the kind of aphrodisiac she is! :) Anise Raven is definitely a hormonal aphrodisiac…stimulating a physical (versus purely emotional) reaction that might have been dampened by over work, stress or physical debility. This is one essential oil that would be great to share with your partner…both of you putting a few drops on the soles of your feet, and layering it (because it is a little warm) just above the pubic bone over another aphrodisiac, like Ylang Ylang, or a calming but uplifting Yin essence like Geranium. Ooh-la-la. Enough said!

Anise Raven Essential Oil for Emotions: Aromatherapy to support Authenticity, Communicating Feelings

Spiritually, Anise Raven essential oil carries you to a place of authenticity. For those who cover up their emotions, or “make nice” when they are really angry or hurt, this can mean taking the cover off of the cauldron of your gut and finally releasing your true feelings. This does not have to be unkindly or angrily done…just authentically done. Find the words that respect your feelings AND the feelings of others. You may lose some “friends” in the process, but you will gain those who relish being with authentic people who are willing to communicate and relate at much deeper than a superficial level. That will be a mighty relief to those of you who have been afraid to be whom you really are for fear of losing those close to you.

Anise Raven is a small tree…proving that, in aromatherapy, good things do come in small packages! The essential oil is made from her bark and stems, and comes from Madagascar. So…She has come halfway around the world to share her calm and balance with you via aromatherapy…to help you peel through the layers to get to your true self! Anise Raven speaks to sexuality lovingly but spiritedly…helping you get out of preconceived notions or roles in this area of your life, as well.

Hmmm. Anise Raven pure essential oil …quite a little vixen, but in a good way! Saucy, spirited, but, at heart, a lover of harmony and deep balance.

Love to you from the plants & trees…Audre Gutierrez

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