Testimonials are a means of documenting and honoring an experience. Although I have included some testimonials from students and clients throughout the site, I also wanted to include a page of testimonials organized by aspects of my practice. That way, if you are interested in a consultation, for example, you can read testimonials about that.

Receiving these heart-felt, “short stories” about an interaction or experience makes me feel so privileged to touch others in such a personal way, whether it is through my words or the beautiful essential oils I offer through my practice. So, I share them with you, as a way of affirming the healing power and love available from the plants and trees.


“I love my custom AromaKit…you have been very kind to me and obviously made the extra effort to listen carefully to my needs!”

Kim H.


“Audre, you speak from your big, beautiful heart!  Your created such an open and free space for me and confirmed what I know I have inside of me to be confidently expressed.  Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom.”



“Your time spent on Tom’s custom kit has been such a blessing.  Thank you, thank you for all the detail, descriptions, personal attention and beautiful presentation of these wonderful oils.  Your part in his healing continues to be so beneficial and appreciated.”



Personal Style / Service

“I received my True Essence AromaKit today [which is designed around the letters of my name].  I cnnot tell you how overwhelmed I am by all of it, and I’ve barely touched the surface.  I am quite speechless …at the moment, but the words which keep rising up for me are …truth and gratitude.  I can feel the care, pure intention, energy and love that you put into creating this kit for me.” 


New York

I received an email from a friend moments ago, and this was a comment she made…I wanted to share it with you.  “I looked at the Wisdom of the Earth website and I see a beautiful spirit surround Audre Gutierrez.  How blessed we are to have her here.”  I thought you would appreciate this! 

Suzie B.


“Thanks, Audre, for taking the time to write up key uses for the essences I already own. This was very helpful and extra special customer service, given that I didn’t buy these oils from you! Clearly, I’m shifting over to Wisdom of the Earth!”

Kathy T.


“My world is bigger, brighter and smells like heaven due to meeting you!  I believe in the medicine of the essences and it is heat-fulfilling.”

Julie McG.

New Mexico

“Audre’s immense knowledge and spiritual insight into these precious oils have provided me with some of the most significant opportunities in my studies in alternative health. Her exquisite connection with these priceless oils is a gift to every client and to every student.  

Her guidance was always kindly offered and blended her intuition and her experience. She brought the oils alive, so that one had the sense of a personal friendship with them…my deepest gratitude to Audre for opening me to a whole new dimension in my healing work and in my loving companionship with Mother Nature.”

Patricia P.


“Recently, I called you with a problem and wanted to know what essences I should buy to address it. I was amazed when you asked me what essences I already had…I lined them up, and, one by one, you told me which ones would be helpful. I ended up getting a couple of more oils that specifically targeted my situation, but I was able to start the healing process with some of the ones I already had. I so appreciate your help and integrity!”



Essence Meditations

“Let me tell you about my experience concerning last night’s Essence Meditation. Afterward, I went to listen to one of the local bands with people from the Meditation. I was asked to “sit in” with the band for a couple of songs [Note…this client is a musician]. I am my worst critic, and that night was no exception (e.g., “I’m playing sloppy”; “I don’t like the guitar pick”…etc.). Afterward, my neighbor tells me that she has never heard me play like that before…that I totally “cut loose” and the band just stepped back and let me play. Then, the owner of the establishment approached me and told me that that was the best he has ever heard me play. I didn’t know what to say! I was blown away by that. Then, my sister-in-law told me that I was playing from my heart…not from my head.

I think Red Spruce and Ylang Ylang [essences used in the Heart meditation] are going to be my new best friends! Thank you for the experience…I wouldn’t trade that night for anything in the world!”

D'Santi N.

New Mexico

Presentations & Interviews

“As soon as I hung up the phone just now, I thought…I should have mentioned how profoundly Sunday night’s radio show has helped people. I listened to the replay yesterday morning, and as the last two days have unfolded, I shared the information with 5+ people…all of whom visibly relaxed (yes, visibly, even on the phone!) …shoulders dropped and they just aaahed… as if to say, “Okay, I get it…I’m not going crazy”. Many of those people already use the oils and had on hand some of those the three of you suggested…others said…do you have ____? As is my practice, I type a transcript as you all speak…I consider the radio broadcasts “classes” and I THANK YOU!!”



Newsletters/Blog Posts


“Thank you so much for this newsletter 🙂  Just reading about the essences is joy for the heart.  The essences jump from the page and your heartfelt messages always reach to my heart. Thank you so very much for all you do.”

Hannah R.


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words in the Summer newsletter!  Reading my words on Violet from my level 1 paper helps me see how much the Essences have helped me to grow!  I was giving a Reiki treatment recently with the essences and a message came through for my client that was very profound.  I love waking up in the morning and hearing their messages echo in my head.  So….thank you again for all that you give, share and teach.  My life will never be the same!”



“All of the articles in the last newsletter had terrific and pertinent information! They were all deeply helpful and insightful. I don’t know how many owners and animals I have recently helped with issues, based on what I learned in the newsletter. Thank you!”

Kathy M.


Essential Oils / Hydrolats

“After going through HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and “The Patch” to try to address my menopausal symptoms, I was so discouraged and felt so unlike myself that I was at my wit’s end. I honestly didn’t believe that the essences would help where the prescriptions couldn’t…but I had run out of options, so I tried the Clary Sage and Geranium. I don’t use the word “miracle” lightly, but their effectiveness is really nothing short of a miracle! I have lost the fluid buildup, and my personality is back to normal. Not having the hot flashes is a good thing too! I have told anyone who will listen about how quickly and well those oils worked form me. Thank you, thank you!”


New Mexico

“The Violet (absolute) is my all-time, favorite oil! The fragrance and the sheer power of it are humbling. It is real…it is from the planet we all dwell on. It is not a foreign substance. It is Mother Earth. Wow. Thanks!”

Dan T


“Over the past year, I have had wonderful experiences with your oils…I had tried some other brands and found nothing that compares with the potency and beauty of your oils and hydrolats. The more I learn and experience the wonders of these plants, the more I want to share these gifts with others!”

Liz R


“I heard about you from my massage therapist. I have been using Clary Sage oil to treat PMS. It is noticeably working since using Wisdom of the Earth oils…not so much using a lesser quality oil.”

SSA Client

“My yoga teacher uses your Violet oil and I love it!! It is unlike any Violet I have smelled before…I would like to order some!”



“I think your oils (and YOU) are miraculous! Here is what has “magically “ shifted in just the couple of days since I started using them with intention…I have attracted an excellent office sharing partner, after having had a really negative experience before using the oils to manifest the right “fit”. Thank your for your support and insight!”

Denise S

New Mexico

“The essences arrived yesterday, and I am just blown away by the quality  Your oils are far and away the most incredible essences I have ever experienced.  As I had hoped, the Jasmine sambac is worth every penny — truly an exquisite Jasmine.  And the Himalayan Cedarwood…it smells ALIVE, and is truly different from any other Cedarwood I’ve encountered.  So beautiful!  THANK YOU for these amazing essences!”


New Mexico

Level 1 Class

Audre, your gift to us and your devotion to what Mother Earth has sent is inspiring, while being gratefully and humbly received. Thank you for your blessing.
Anita G


“What a great group and a really great weekend! I learned so much. You are a shining sun! I am still reeling from how much I took in last weekend. I went home and started really thinking about when I became aware of essentials as something more than aroma…and it was 19 years ago that I started concocting potions and have been a “dabbler” ever since. But when you’re really ready, the teacher shows up, and I’m so glad I waited for you and Wisdom of the Earth!”


New Mexico

“Audre, I want you to know how very much I appreciate that you put so much energy into everything you do. The Level 1 seminar was wonderful…not only the learning, but the camaraderie and openness from everyone of like mind. I look forward to continuing my studies. Thanks from the heart!”

Pat R

New Mexico

“I received my certificate of completion for the Level 1 Training today, and was so touched by your letters of support and welcome. How very kind of you! I was very moved by your heart-felt care and affirmation. Again, thank you for welcoming me into your special family and for sharing your passion and these incredible gifts of nature with me.”
Level 1 Student

New Mexico

“I debated and debated about whether now was the time for me to explore my love of aromatherapy in a more formal way. After taking the “leap” to attend your Level 1 class, I can’t even remember what the debate was about! I have learned that my connection to the natural world is deep within my being, and that all I really need to be healthy and balanced can be found in the Plant & Tree Kingdoms. The essences are powerful allies, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.”

Level 1 Student

North Carolina

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much incredible information I got out of your seminar. You are a gifted teacher and a wonderful spirit whose energy brings so much to the planet – which is especially important in today’s world.”

Donna T.


“Audre, you are an excellent teacher. You know so much about the plants and you have so many stories of actual instances where the oils really helped people. For me that was the most powerful part of the class. After hearing those, I had the confidence to do the same on myself – and it worked!! Your classroom environment feels like home, and is a relaxing place to share and go deeply into the teaching. You made our class very special, and I will never forget it!”
Lemia A.


“Being a part of your Level 1 class continues to show me where my heart sings. It is lovely to see all of the love and wisdom you have for the plant and tree kingdom. We all benefit greatly for it!”

Ally V.

New Mexico

“I am so very grateful to you and Barry for knowing of the spirit of the plants, hearing them, and including that aspect in your classes and work. I believe it is their consciousness, their unconditional giving that allows the beauty and magic and healing to come forth. I am so grateful that I learned of these spirits from someone who believes in this too, so that it is not just chemistry and consumerism that was my first introduction to these guides, nor filled my head. Thank you both very much!”
Linda C


“Thank you so much for teaching this amazing class, for sharing your words of wisdom, and for being you!   I especially appreciated your comfort and advice when my partner got sick!  It was so helpful…times a million!”

Rae W.

New Mexico

“I can’t thank you enough for such an incredible experience! Your knowledge is amazing! Your kindness is unbelieveable!”

Linda M.

New Mexico

Level 2 Class

“I enjoyed your class so much…I am so blessed to have met you all. Thank you for your commitment to Mother Earth. Thank you for the way you honor Mother Earth with your passion for the plant world, their essences and their healing properties. Thank you for being their messengers.”

Level 2 Student

“Thank you for holding space for my growth and transformation!  I feel very blessed to have spent this time with you and I wish you joy, love and blessings today and always.  Love, Lori”


“Wow!  Thank you so much for all the love you put into this…The effort you put forth on behalf of the Plant Devas is awesome and impressive — no doubt you love this Mother Earth of ours and your love is infectious and inspirational!”


“The Medicine Wheel ceremony was unforgettable…I felt like I was in Mother Earth’s embrace!  Thank you for honoring us with your very being. You, Barry & Cynthia are three beacons in the desert of 3D life. This retreat really makes all of us aware and joins such distinct, diverse and loving people. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Mary D.

North Dakota

“It is with deep gratitude in my heart that I say “Thank You” for the amazing gift and light you are to me and the world.  Your teachings have inspired me on many levels, but this morning in the Medicine Wheel opened my heart eyes to see where I need to go to truly listen to the guidance from ALL beings.”


Level 2 Student

“My dear earth sister…I want to thank you for giving so much of yourself during the Level 2 class. I admire your strength, your love, your spirituality, your connection to the earth, and most of all, your sense of humor. Class ended too soon for me! I hope one day again I will have the great privilege to be your student. I love and honor you.”
Level 2 Student

“Just wanted to thank you, again, for taking such care in teaching and being “truly present” at the Level 2 retreat. You were an integral part of my experience, and I know you put a lot of yourself into it. My favorite memory of you is how powerful you are when opening/closing the Medicine Wheel…those images are forever etched into my heart. You are a fabulous woman and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend true, quality time with you.”

Janice R.


“I will never be the same after this experience…I know my calling is in the healing professions, and this has opened the door to answer that call.”

Level 2 Student

New Mexico

“I can never thank you enough or even come close to give you what you have given me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.”


New Mexico

“Thank you for your immense light and the love you carry for what you do.  I am graced to be back with my original teachers, and as always, you are so generous and kind to me.  I take that to MY students in honor of you!”