Take a Deep Breath!

by | Oct 14, 2011

I had a pretty amazing experience with the oils the other day that I wanted to share with you. I had been breathing somewhat shallowly all day. When I got into bed, and turned onto my side, I felt a slight “shortness of breath” that got my attention. It was an uncomfortable feeling, and I thought that it was a continuation of the shallow breathing I had noticed throughout the day.

We have a treasure trove of essential oils in our bedroom…most of which are on Leonardo’s side of the bed :)…so I asked him to see if we had Ravensara and Myrtle linalool, as I was feeling somewhat constricted in my chest.

In a few moments, I felt a considerable number of drops on my chest (I had already almost dozed off)…followed by quite a few more (probably 20-25 in total). My Ravensara and Myrtle linalool had arrived! He gently massaged them into my upper chest, and what happened next literally amazed me. I started breathing more deeply and in a more prolonged way than I had for days. It felt good to really take in the air, gently hold it, then exhale comfortably and slowly.

But the next experiential “wave” was totally unexpected. I began to feel like I was literally breathing with my whole body, not just my lungs. Like my skin was breathing, my organs, my blood. It was a profound experience, and literally one that I did not (and still do not) have adequate words for. I was transported to a place of exquisite living, breathing, awareness. I just lay there, feeling more alive, more able to receive, more integrated than I have ever felt before.

The feeling subsided in about ten minutes, but the memory and sensation of it will remain with me forever.

While, on some level, this is about respiration, it was really much greater than that. But, it is worth saying that Ravensara and Myrtle are used much too infrequently to support and expand our breathing function. We usually think of the Eucalyptuses and the conifers. But these two beautiful devas also are powerful for supporting our physical breathing, as well as our “taking in” of the world around us.

In our Level 1 class, I place an essential oil on the palms of each student’s hands, have them rub their hands together, and then breathe deeply from their cupped hands. The last time I chose Ponderosa Pine Cone. And I reminded everyone that, as they breathed her in….she, too, was taking THEM in. A deep taking in of each other. A beautiful merging of sacred energy between two species.

So, this story speaks to the importance of breathing deeply…and how difficult this is for many to do without coughing or feeling some level of stress. Use the essences in an inhalation (mug of boiling water with several drops of several essences in it; “trap” the steam coming off of the cup with a towel, which, tent-like, covers your head and the steaming cup; and then breathe in the steam as deeply and as long as you can…though you may have to move away periodically, as it is a very intense experience…and then drink the water, once it has cooled down), and/or topically on your chest, back, or behind your ears. Do this when you are congested, or if you feel that your breathing is more shallow than it should be. Let the plants & trees support you in taking in life more deeply!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Shining Sun Aromatherapy

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