Sweet Birch to the Rescue

by | Nov 15, 2011

When we were in AZ last week, my pit-bull mix, Maggie, came in from outside, limping badly. At first, I thought that perhaps she had picked up one of those very prickly little seed pods (or whatever they are) on her paw. But, when I looked closely at it, there was nothing between her pads or toes. But I did notice that her front paw was swollen. A few hours passed, and it only seemed to get worse…she could hardly negotiate the step down into our TV room, and was very tentative and halting in her movements.

She is a bit overweight, and getting along in years, so she is often a little stiff when she gets up from a nap. But this seemed to be much more than that…so I thought that she might have sprained her paw while playing outside, trying to keep up with Corazon and Rudy…her much younger, much slimmer pack mates!

I immediately thought of Sweet Birch, as this essence is wonderful for any joint, bone or muscle problem. I once broke a bone in my foot when I fell, and after a few days with Sweet Birch and Laurel Leaf, I was siginificantly on the mend. So, I dripped about 10-15 drops of Sweet Birch on the top of her foot (she was not happy about it, and was squirming so much that I didn’t even try to get it on her pads). A couple of hours later, I was amazed to see her walking normally on it…even jumping up and down in delight as Leonardo prepared her dinner.

Just to be on the safe side, I re-applied the Birch in the morning…with much less resistance from Maggie, as I think she now “got it” that this was a big help to her. The limp has disappeared completely, and she is back to her confident “pack leader” role. I was thrilled with the incredible speed with which Sweet Birch healed her paw…and I wanted to share the story with you all.

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Shining Sun Aromatherapy

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