Sweet Basil Essential Oil…Sweet But Serious: Essence 15 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Nov 16, 2009

Take me seriously!

As I sit here in Santa Fe, contemplating my bottle of Sweet Basil, I wonder just how distinctive the personalities of the members of the essence families will be (I have one more Basil to go in this blog site after this one…and the very large families of Eucalyptus, Spruce, and Lavender, among others…looming ahead of me!) Will I be at a loss for words? Will my entries become redundant, forcing me to address an entire botanical family in my blog, instead of each individual essence?? NO WORRIES!! My continuing experience with the Basil family affirms that each brings her own special nature to the practice of medicinal aromatherapy, while sharing in some common “family traits”.

I have just applied 5 drops of Sweet Basil essential oil to my crown chakra, 2 or 3 drops over my heart…and in deference to her legendary ability to relieve all types of digestive distress…I add 5 drops to my stomach. Her scent swirls around me and the message is “Take me seriously.” I will tell you why.

Food Poisoning and Other Stomach/Digestive Distress

food poisoningIf you have food poisoning, Sweet Basil is your girl. While she partners beautifully with essences such as Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint and Cardamon Seed for just such situations (and believe me, when I had my one and only bout with food poisoning, I was pouring essences on me like there was no tomorrow…), she is also a strong “lone ranger” if need be.

Sweet Basil essential oil also makes short work of an upset stomach, gas, bloating, diarrhea…all the symptoms the woman in the TV commercial for an over-the-counter remedy glibly recites as she moves along the “people mover” in the airport. (They couldn’t PAY me enough to be in that commercial!!) I don’t know about you, but I know I would much rather use something completely natural to address any stomach problems I might experience.

Sweet Basil for Stings and Bites — Both Physical & Emotional

In the medicinal aromatherapy world, Sweet Basil is also a “first responder” for wasp stings and snakewasp bites. That is some more pretty serious stuff, as she is quick to point out! There is something about the quickness and the invasiveness of such attacks that leave us stunned and unsettled. Sweet Basil is soothing on many levels, restoring our balance and neutralizing the poison introduced to our system. On an emotional and spiritual level, we have all experienced words and events that have “stung” us or that had a “bite” to them. We are no less devestated by such venom when it is energetic instead of physical. Sweet Basil can be applied to the area where you are most feeling the attack…over the heart, the solar plexus, or the stomach. If it is an “all over” feeling, you can always apply her to the soles of your feet and your crown chakra.

Rich Foods? Anger or Resentment? Sweet Basil to the Rescue!

Sweet basil essential oil is a purifier for the gall bladder and the liver (the gall bladder stores the bile produced by the liver for the digestion of fats). If you are one who loves rich foods, Sweet Basil can support that habit, and reduce the toll it takes on your body. Emotionally, it is said that the gall bladder and the liver are also repositories of any bitterness or anger that we hold. If you are one who holds a grudge, never forgets a perceived slight, or is in the “three strikes, you’re out” club, it is quite likely that you are straining your gall bladder and your liver just as much as the person who likes that 16oz steak a couple of times a week.

The Four Agreements personallySweet Basil can help you to make healthier choices…supporting you in letting go of behaviors that really do not serve you. She also reminds us of the #2 agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s wonderful book “The Four Agreements”…Don’t take anything personally. Your world would change — in fact THE world would change, if we could all adhere to that simple rule each and every dayAs the graphic to the left admonishes “Refuse to eat emotional poison”.

No matter what happened, it is NOT about you! And, even if it really, really seems to be, in the grand scheme of things, it is not. Only YOUR choices are about you, not someone else’s. Their choices are about THEM.

So, I invite you to consider and explore the deeper levels at which Sweet Basil works on us. Let her take the “sting” out of your life and replace it with a serious dose of sweetness!


Audre Gutierrez, Santa Fe, NM


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