SSA Essential Thought: Abundance & Aromatherapy…A Perfect Fit! Plus, Announcements

by | May 14, 2014

Essential oils not only can help us expand and deepen our understanding of abundance, but they can also help us create more abundance in our lives.  The meaning of abundance varies considerably, depending upon whom you ask!  Recent conversations about the energy of money, and the importance of an energy exchange between people when transactions are being made, caused me to think about abundance in all of its many aspects.

I realized that, as I mentally enumerated the many facets of abundance, I experienced a sense of gratitude with each type of abundance I considered.  Money; Health; Relationships; Experiences; Happiness; Plants; Animals; Creative Endeavors; Natural Phenomena, such as mountains, the sky, the clouds, rivers, oceans, etc.  Each of these brought a smile to my face, a remembrance of my own experience with them, and a deep sense of gratitude for their existence in my life.

abundanceArtwork:  Copyrighted, Cynthia Niklas,  Used with Artist’s permission.  To see more of Cynthia’s beautiful and varied work, please go to

So, I thought about essences which help us to recognize abundance in its many forms, and, by so doing, deepen our gratitude for them.  These are the ones that came to me:

  • Thyme (White) – This essence takes us from the purely material or numerical concept of abundance (i.e., “lots” of something…especially things like money, clothes, shoes, cars) to one based on love (i.e., the ability of something to bring happiness or touch your heart).
  • Geranium – She speaks to the desire to experience abundance from a place of trust.  That is, we don’t desire abundance because we have feelings of scarcity, but we desire abundance because we trust that there is enough for all us to be sustained and well cared for.
  • True Sage – She dispels any emotions or beliefs that hinder abundance.  She opens our mind and heart to a more inclusive understanding of what true abundance is…and it is not involved with “keeping up with the Joneses” out of competition or ego.
  • Rosewood – This wondrous essence speaks to the abundance found within relationships…our loved ones, our friends & acquaintances, our colleagues.  She also helps us to understand that abundance may be found, not in numbers, but in the preciousness of things.  That a small remembrance of a loved one who has passed…the small, delicate evening bag that my Aunt had in the 1930s is so dear to me; the last days or months of an elderly or very ill pet…you know the end is coming, and those last times together are cherished.
  • Niaouli – This modest, unassuming essential oil has the power to stimulate heart-based creativity…and what speaks more to abundance than creative flow from a conscious, loving heart?  Whether it is our words, our actions or our thoughts, She brings them into being from the most powerful source possible…the depths of our heart.  Mental blocks hold no sway here…Niaouli accesses the brilliant font of creativity that pours endlessly from our hearts…if we will but listen and acknowledge.


In my next Essential Thought, I will share my thoughts on essences that help us create more abundance in our lives.


Upcoming Level 1 Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Classes…the last two offerings in 2014.  Early Registration (30 days or more before the class date):  $450   Regular Registration $475

June 7-8, Arcata, CA   There is still room for a few more students or auditors in the Level 1 class I am teaching at Northcoast Essentials.  Due to some local advertising “glitches”, we have extended the Early Registration discount through the end of May.  For those of you unfamiliar with Arcata…it is in Northern California (Humboldt County), nestled in the Redwood Forest, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean.  Please contact me (928-300-5090) or my son, Brian Griffiths (707-502-4883) for information or to register.

September 6-7, Santa Fe, NM  This class will be held at my Studio, just a few minutes north of the city.  Empower yourself to take control of your health; augment other modalities that you practice or receive; reach a level of connection with the Plant Kingdom via the essences that you did not realize was possible; and make giant strides toward discovering/being your authentic self…and all that implies for your life.  Bring an open heart and a desire to more deeply connect with the natural world, for healing/wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.  Please contact me at 928-300-5090 for information or to register.

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Details about the Level 1 Certification Class can be found at my website,

Thank you for listening!!   And, I would welcome any comments on your thoughts about the nature of abundance!

Much love, Audre