SSA: What if you applied a couple of oils….and your pain vanished?

by | Jul 3, 2014

grey haired lady with shoulder painThat is exactly what happened to me last night!  My left shoulder, and the muscle from my neck to my shoulder joint, had ached all day.  Did I take a few minutes to put some oils on?  Nooooooo!  Too busy!  But, just before bed, I checked out the tray of oils on my bedside table and found Albanian Lavender and Sweet Birch. I was looking for Cornmint, but couldn’t find it.  I put about 5-7 drops of each on the shoulder area, and got into bed, ready to read to my hubby…a practice we began about a year ago that we really look forward to each night.

A couple of minutes later,  Leonardo announced…”I found the Cornmint!” and he handed it to me, so that I could use it, as well.  Funny thing, though….I honestly had to stop and think…”Now, which shoulder was it that was hurting?”  The pain had completely disappeared…so I literally had to stop and reconstruct my day to remember that it was the left shoulder that had been bothering me so much.  Of course, like the good Cornmint addict that I am, LOL, I put a little over the area “just for good measure”.

This experience came to mind twice today, first, as I answered a woman’s email about pain and inflammation, and then later, when a caller asked which oils would be good for joint pain and inflammation. Seems like a topic that is of interest…maybe it is the gardening or summer outdoor activities causing the flareups.  Maybe, but for some people, it is pain they have lived with for a long time.  One of the women who contacted me said that she could not use over-the-counter pain medications, and was seeking a natural solution.

Birch (Sweet) Essential Oil

That comment hit close to home, as Leonardo absolutely cannot take Tylenol…it makes his blood pressure soar.  So, he is truly happy that we have Sweet Birch back in stock again, to layer with a lavender, conifer and/or Cornmint.  Yes, you heard (read) right!  Wisdom of the Earth has Sweet Birch essential oil again!!  Our new Birch is absolutely beautiful…a little more subtle than our previous one, but equally effective and more gentle on the skin.  The aroma is delicious! And, we are able to offer it for the same price as our previous Birch…$47 for a 15 ml.

So…to get back to the caller’s question about pain and inflammation…those mentioned above are great to address these common problems.  I shake my head when I think of all of the people on anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers; all they need is beautiful Lavender, and essences like Red Pine, Black Spruce, the “Blues” (Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy), and Cajeput (White Tea Tree).

So there you have it…10 drops of two essential oils and my shoulder pain disappeared and has not come back.  Now, that is a happy ending!


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