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by | Feb 2, 2009

Hello from Shining Sun Aromatherapy…I’m Audre Gutierrez, owner and passionate nature lover…welcome to my Blog!

898302I will be introducing topics related to the world of medicinal aromatherapy…pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from plants and trees…created by Nature to address the hurts and dis-eases that humans experience. Medicinal Aromatherapy is the Original Medicine of the Planet, and Shining Sun Aromatherapy was created to bring that ancient healing art to the people. Of course, medicinal aromatherapy is not just about SICKNESS…it is about WELLNESS…so we will also be exploring how these powerful essences awaken us spiritually and lift our spirits emotionally. They are key to a vital, authentic life, and that is a hugely important part of their purpose.

I will be posting topics periodically and will welcome your thoughts and suggestions about those and any other related topic you care to introduce. Again, Welcome! Looking forward to sharing the message of the plants & trees with other like-minded people. And, as always, I invite you to visit my website for more information about pure, medicinal-grade essential oils and how they can enrich our lives.

Namaste. Audre

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