Scavenger Hunt! A Tour of the new WOTE site might get you a $100 Gift Certificate!

by | Apr 11, 2022


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Scavenger Hunt!  (Again)  Take a tour of the new WOTE site/on-line store…and you may just win a prize!

Some of you may remember the Scavenger Hunt I created when I launched my Shining Sun Aromatherapy website so many years ago!  I had a number of people ask if I was going to do the same thing for the new Wisdom of the Earth site and on-line store, so, due to popular demand, I am inviting everyone to take a guided tour of the site, answer some questions about the site, and those with the most correct answers will be in a drawing for WOTE gift certificates ranging from $50 to $100.  Let the games begin!  🙂

Go to the page noted and search for the answer to the question(s) about that page. Write down your answers and submit them to me ([email protected]) no later than this Sunday, April 17, by midnight MST (same as Pacific time, as we do not recognize Daylight Savings Time in most of AZ).  

Page:  About
1.  Our customs/importer status reflects our philosophy of not tampering with the essential oil in any way (e.g., additives, blends, etc.).  What is that import status?

2.  Per that page, what industry, other than aromatherapy, offers an excellent example of the impact of Nature’s inherent variation on agricultural products?

Page:  The WOTE Difference
3.  Name two of the WOTE differences, spelled out on that page, that mean the most to you, as a customer of Wisdom of the Earth, and why.

Page:  WOTE Staff
4.  What is the name of the movement process developed by Cynthia Olivera, our Educational Director?

Page:  Online Store – Essential Oils
5.  Balsam gurjun – What example is given of her anti-inflammatory property?

Page:  (Every)  Product/Symptom Search Box at the bottom of each page
6.  If you do a search on Nausea, name two of the oils that show up in the search result.
7.  Search Santolina – name a system of the body that the oil description says she supports.

Page:  On Line Store – How to Order
8.  According to the “How to Order” page, when would a consultation be called for (versus receiving just product information)?

Page:  On Line Store – Hydrolats
9.  What letter of the alphabet appears most frequently as the initial letter of the plant name in the hydrolat offerings?  For example, the letter D is not associated with the plant name of any of the hydrolats.  The letter H is associated with only one hydrolat – Helichrysum.

Page:  Distributors
10.  How many WOTE distributors are located in each of the following states:  MA, CT, PA

11.  Not counting Audre Gutierrez and Cynthia Olivera, how many Master Distributors does WOTE have across the US and international locations?

Page:  News & Views
12.  What is the title of the E-news posted on 5/20/21, and what is the technique discussed in the article?

Well, if you get through all of these, you probably have become an expert on Wisdom of the Earth!   And up to three lucky winners will receive a WOTE gift certificate, depending upon how many questions they answered correctly. 
12 –      $100
10 – 11 $75
7-9     $50
If three people get all 12 right, each will win a $100 certificate.  If 6 got all 12 right, the names of those 6 people will be put in a “hat” and three winners will be drawn at random.  That will be the process until we have an overall total of three winners.

Good luck, and thank you for playing!  Hope you enjoy exploring our beautiful site as much as we have enjoyed creating it.    

Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth


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