Rites of Passage: Aromatherapy to Consecrate Your Ceremonies

by | Jun 29, 2017

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Rites of Passage
Aromatherapy to Consecrate Your Ceremonies

Summer months traditionally are a time for wedding ceremonies, though, of course, people get married throughout the year! So, it’s a good time to consider the role of essential oils and hydrolats in weddings, as well as other ceremonies such as birthdays, baptisms, and passage events such as adolescence, retirement and death.First of all…it is wonderful to use the essences and/or hydrolats in the preparatory phase of the ceremony. For one couple, I created small, approximately 4oz glasses of spring water with about four spritzes of rose hydrolat in each. We each sipped quietly of the libation, and then I took them through a series of questions and had them answer them, respectively, while facing each other.  The questions would be based upon the purpose of the consultation, of course.In this case, there had been some family issues around acceptance (it was a same-sex couple) so some of the questions had to do with how facing these challenges had made the relationship stronger, and what they still needed to focus on to keep their hearts in love and positivity.  I also asked them to share an important memory, and also a future desired experience, with each other.  I then asked them to speak of what they pledged to each other.  It was very powerful, and they later told me that it was a turning point in the relationship, and cleared the way for a very heart-felt exchange of marriage vows.Sharing a hydrolat libation helps people to address complex, emotional issues with balance and thoughtfulness.  It helps reticent talkers to express themselves, and avid talkers to listen more attentively. The Rose hydrolat helps one speak from the heart.For the wedding ceremony itself, the couple chose Violet to wear over their hearts…to remember to stay open to one another and not fear deep intimacy.  For creating an aura of calm and harmony, Neroli (Orange blossom) was applied to their wrists and crown chakra. They literally emanated well-being and love as they walked up the aisle to pledge their lives to each other.You can use this approach to enhance literally any life event…hydrolat for the pre-ceremony/rehearsal phase and appropriate essences for the actual ceremony.  Aromatherapy deepens the experience and creates a lasting memory for all involved.Two important notices:

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