Ready, Set, GROW! Expanding Your Horizons with Essential Oils Plus, Important Announcements

by | Jul 28, 2015

 What a fitting title for this Essential Thought…Ready, Set, GROW!  Pure Plant & Tree essences have the inherent ability to not only help us to grow…but for some, they literally serve as a springboard to exciting new levels of thought, experience and accomplishment.  In this Essential Thought, we will discover essences that are particularly adept at getting us to take that first step, or helping us to see the bigger picture…or helping us transform our lives, if that is what is called for.

It is fitting because I was shocked when I began to write this post and realized that I had not published an Essential Thought for over three months…but what a three months it has been, LOL.  I and both of my businesses…Shining Sun Aromatherapy and Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils…have really been in a growth mode!  So I will take a few minutes of your time to make some important announcements…and then we will delve into those incredible personal growth coaches…the essences.

Shining Sun Aromatherapy’s NEW E-commerce feature is up and running! 

If you have been on my siteaudre ssa sign recently, you may have noticed that there is now a shopping cart function for my customers and Level 1 Students.  We were still working out some “kinks” over the last month, so I didn’t formally announce it until now.  This feature will allow you to order any time of the day or night, if you are familiar with our products.  If you haven’t ordered from me before, I would encourage you to contact me if you have any questions before placing an order.  Email is best, but sometimes you can catch me in my office, too!  Email:  [email protected]; office number is 505-438-0855, and my cell is 928-300-5090.

Please Note:  If you are a retail customer already ordering WOTE essences from one of our Distributors, I want to honor that relationship, and would ask that you continue to place your orders as in the past.  In the same vein, WOTE Certified students who took their Level 1 class from one of our other WOTE teachers should continue to order through their teacher.

If you are planning to place an order for oils, hydrolats and/or AromaKits, please visit the site and give our new ecommerce feature a try!  For those of you who prefer personal communication, you are always welcome to call or email me with an order, just like before.  My Level 1 Certified WOTE students can get their discounts by contacting me via Email for Product Discount Codes that can be entered at check out.

September 12-13,  I will be teaching the WOTE Level 1 Certification Class in Medicinal Aromatherapy at my Studio in Nambe, NM, just north of Santa Fe. Early Registration Discount expires midnight, August 11th

The tuition is $450 if you sign up before August 12th; it is $475 after that.  Also, the full tuition amount will be due at the time of registration for any student registering on or after August 12th.  Before that, you will be able to register with a $225 deposit, with the balance due the first day of class.  I accept credit cards, checks and PayPal.  Please visit the Classes section of my website for details and a registration form you can download.

Talk about personal growth…this has been a life-changing experience for many, many people.  If it is YOUR time tolevel 1 class large pic go deeper with the Plants & Trees, experience their transformational power, and arm yourself with the knowledge of their medicinal properties and ancient wisdom, this may be the class for you!  I would also invite other WOTE Level 1 students to consider auditing with me…I still have room for one or two more auditors.

For those long-term planners in the audience…here are the 2016 dates for the classes to be held at my studio in New Mexico:  May 21-22 and September 10-11.  Please note:  Starting in 2016, all tuition monies will need to be paid in full by 30 days prior to the class date.


Last but not least, I am excited to announce that “Books Abound at Wisdom of the Earth!”  

Early this month, Barry released the updated version of the Wisdom of the Earth Reference Guide.  It is now over a hundred pages, spiral-bound, and includes all of the new essences that we have added to our portfolio over the past few years.   It is $25 and can be ordered under the Books & Services section of the Shopping Cart.

Also, we are in the final writing/editing stages of the new book that Barry, Cynthia and I are writing about the essences.  We are hoping to have it available by the end of the year.  What a beautiful, expansive journey to meditate upon the essences to be included, and then to read all of the papers submitted by our students on those essences for the past decade, and then to share excerpts from many of those papers that allow you to hear the voices of the plants and trees as they generously shared their wisdom and insight with our open-hearted students.   I will keep you posted as to a final title and release date!!

Essential Thought:  Ready, Set, GROW! Expanding Your Horizons with Essential Oils

A student recently submitted her Level 1 Certification paper on Blue Yarrow.  It was thoroughly and beautifully done…and it left me with the indelible feeling and understanding of the power of these beautiful essences to expand our personal world in ways we can hardly imagine.  Let me share an excerpt from her insightful and inspiring paper to give you a better idea of what I mean.

In my first meditation, I had the experience of seating into my body and a settling and opening of my chakra channels down to my root chakra.  I felt both expanded and grounded.  I had the vision of the yarrow stem growing until the top of the florescence was up in the cosmos, as though the umbels were reaching for the stars.  I could see her roots wrapping about the Earth’s circumference.  I experienced these phrases:  “extension and expansion”;  “astral exploration”; “above and below”; “reach, reach, reach”; “seated and grounded”; and “open”.  In subsequent meditations, I was the being that grew and extended between Earth and the cosmos.  Always, I would see my legs and feet on the earth, and the rest of me would grow and climb until I was looking down from the cosmos.  I felt spacious, grounded and expanded.  The following sensations came forward as what Blue Yarrow offers:  perspective, a sense of your never-ending capacity/your ability to expand and be bigger.  She does this for all plants/beings.  She offers the experience of growth potential.                    ~Robin, Level 1 Student from MT

So, that is Blue Yarrow’s gift, if we are open to hear and receive her guidance and encouragement.  Other essences that help us to expand and fulfill our purpose and potential are Spikenard, Frankincense, Angelica Root, Blue Chamomile, St. John’s Wort, Myrrh/Sweet Myrrh and Neroli.

Technology and IndustryIf you are still at the “Ready, Set” stages of personal growth, there are essences that are wonderful to lay the important foundation that allows us to “reach for the stars”.  To ready us, to assure us that there is more, way more, than we may currently be experiencing, I would suggest Cistus (Rock Rose), Geranium, Exotic Basil, Oak Moss, Fragonia, Spearmint, Black Spruce and Champaca.  These help us attain the spiritual awareness and clarity, soul alignment, and grounding in our true self through the heart/mind connection that provide that foundation.  To take those first steps, or perhaps to continue on the journey after setbacks or disappointments, essences like Mugwort, Clary Sage, Tangerine, Texas Cedarwood, Ginger, Eucalyptus (Mint) and Laurel Leaf give us the courage, stamina, energy, encouragement or will necessary for the next step…and the step after that.

Thank you for being on MY personal journey with the Plants & Trees.  This month (July 29th) I celebrated 66 wonderful years on this planet (where did the time go???), and I can honestly say I have treasured every moment, good and bad.  I feel that what lies ahead is exciting — a combination of the new and the familiar/loved.  The essences have expanded and blessed my world in ways I could have never imagined and I look forward to many more adventures with them!

Much love, Audre

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