Ta Da! The New, Beautiful Shining Sun Aromatherapy Website Is Now LIVE!

by | Aug 21, 2020

Spring blooming rose

Explore the far corners of my new site and find the answers to the Scavenger Hunt questions! Three of those who submit complete responses will win $100 Wisdom of the Earth gift certificates.

The glowing image that tops this blog post is the “home page” banner for my updated Shining Sun Aromatherapy website.  It captures the feel of Nature’s beauty, power and promise.  I have been working on this website update for more years than I want to admit, however, life intervened and priorities shifted, and it took a while before I could get back to this project that was so dear to my heart.  I wanted my personal aromatherapy practice website, Shining Sun Aromatherapy, to be more “artistic”…I loved the banner pictures at the top of each page, but the design of the text part had never resonated with me. 

Some years ago, I met a wonderful woman who entreated her spiritual entrepreneur clients to market to their soul tribe…to find out who they are and how to communicate with them, heart to heart, authentically.  To me, “sell” has always been the epitome of a “four letter word”.  Her message really spoke to me. And, it certainly didn’t hurt that she is a fabulous artist, as well.  So, Julia possessed the perfect blend of talents for the result I wanted.  When I was ready to take the leap and revamp my website…her approach was the one I wanted to take.  So, thank you Julia Stege of Magical Marketing in Sebastopol, CA!  You turned my dream into reality! 

Without further ado…I would like to unveil my new site to you!  And to be sure you don’t miss anything…I have designed a little “Scavenger Hunt”…or maybe it is more of a Treasure Hunt…to guide you through the site.  First, print out or jot down the gist of the questions which follow. Then click the link to my ShiningSunAromatherapy.com site and find the answers to these questions.  Send your answers to me at:  [email protected] by midnight, Wednesday, August 26, 2020.   Please include your full name and phone number with your submission.

Three complete (i.e., all questions answered) responses received, drawn at random from those submitted, will win those readers a $100 gift certificate for Wisdom of the Earth essential oils or hydrolats.

Here are the 12 questions:
1.  What are three unique essences Wisdom of the Earth offers that are mentioned on the About SSA page?
2.  What 2 oils did Barry Kapp “put under my nose” when he first introduced me to essential oils…neither of which aroma I liked? (About Audre Gutierrez page)
3.  What is an Absolute essential oil?  (Wisdom of the Earth Difference page under the Essential Oils section)
4.  What is YOUR favorite “Wisdom of the Earth Difference”?  (Same page as #3)
5.  What are two medicinal properties shared by all essential oils distilled from grasses? (Essential Oil Properties by Plant Part page)
6.  Which plant part is the essential oil of Calamus from? (Same page as #5)
7.  What aspects of the Plant Kingdom do we emphasize and honor in our teaching?  (Classes page)
8.  What is the minimum time for a consultation?  (Consultations page)
9.  Can international clients order directly from the on-line store?  (On-Line Store Welcome page)
10. Which of the “21 ways to find your heart connection” most resonates with you?  What oil was suggested to enhance/support  that “way”? And, who sent me the card that inspired that blog post? (Essential Thoughts Blog Entries)
11.  Who said:  “My world is bigger, brighter and smells like heaven due to meeting you!”  (Testimonials)
And…you are almost done!  12.  Please state three words or comments that convey your overall thoughts about the new SSA website (positive or negative…I would love your feedback).

I hope you have as much fun playing along with this game as I had creating it!  And I hope you find my site a treat for the eyes as well as the heart, mind and spirit.  I always wanted my personal website to reflect the beauty of Nature.  I finally feel that it does!  

Much love,  Audre