How Are Your Emotions? Finding Balance In These Uncertain Times.

by | Apr 1, 2020

Wanting to reach out to you in these times of turmoil, uncertainty, and definitely a few tears…whether for yourself or the country.  Many of us feel perfectly fine.  Many of us do not personally have any family or friends affected by Covid-19.  But many may be starting to feel a bit “sitr-crazy” because our normal routine has been upended by this public health crisis.  And many are beginning to wonder whether some of the stores, restaurants, acupuncturists, chiropractors…and countless others…who are now temporarily closed will ever reopen. 

For others, the Coronavirus has hit closer to home.  That really brings your emotions “front and center”.  Worry, grief, anger…all of these are important and natural emotions.  However, essential oils can help you access these emotions (if you are consciously unaware of your feelings), express them in a healthy way, and help you work through your emotions so that you can get to a place where they do not dominate your inner world, but they are part of your emotional landscape.  

Finding Emotional Balance in Uncertain Times

A key to finding balance is recognizing that it is not an “event”, but a process…a process that does not look the same for everyone.  I am starting to see more mental health professionals being interviewed as part of the coverage of the Coronavirus.  That is very important, as we are well aware of the connection between physical health and emotional or mental health.   I thought it important to “balance” the content of my last Essential Thought, which focused heavily on maintaining physical health and strong immunity, with a piece today on how the essences can support emotional health in a powerful and generally uplifting way.

Take, as a beautiful example, St. John’s Wort essential oil.  An ancient healer, She has a long history of helping humans with depression, without exception.   When She first received attention in the US, many sources stated that She was only effective for mild depression.  However, when St. John’s Wort EO is pure, She can address all levels of depression, with no side effects.  Interestingly, She also works wonders, even when you think you are “Fine!”  If you are suppressing feelings of fear that bubble up, or literally don’t even consciously feel them, St. John’s Wort will help you to see that there are emotions you need to acknowledge and work through. 

How would you know you need to do this if these feelings are unconscious?  In one interview I heard on the radio over the weekend the psychologist used a very interesting phrase – “Sleep is a window into one’s mental health.”  So if you are experience sleep disruption…difficulty getting to sleep/staying asleep, or waking up exhausted instead of rested…you can interpret these signs as an indication that you may be having emotional difficulties.  An oil like Spikenard would be excellent, as it facilitates sleep and is also deeply calming.  It also supports achieving a meditative state.  If depression is at the bottom of the sleeplessness, then St. John’s Wort would be great in the morning, followed by Spikenard before bed.

It is also common in situations like the one we are all collectively living through, that you may think it won’t do anyone any good…in fact, it may cause distress among your friends and loved ones…if you acknowledge that you are sad or worried.  A prevalent American philosophy is that one should be strong, emotionally immovable, in the face of difficulty.  However, addressing feelings of uncertainty, sadness or worry will allow you to present a strong demeanor that is not a front, but a true foundation from which you operate.  Frankincense is excellent at helping us find strength we didn’t even know we had when we are faced with daunting circumstances.  She helps you to “dig down” and develop a resolve and a fearlessness that will serve you well when others are indecisive and uncertain.

What other oils can we depend upon to help us achieve emotional balance?  Another great one is Bergamot.  Bergamot is a citrus, so it is always good to apply Her to the soles of your feet.  She is one I often recommend when people experience SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the winter months when there are fewer hours of daylight.  She is uplifting, and helps us find the silver lining in a cloud…no matter how large or dark that cloud might be.

Finally, I have to mention one of my favorites, Scotch Pine, to address the feelings of overwhelm that can arise when we are being confronted with too many situations or choices, none of which are to our liking.  Scotch Pine on the soles of the feet and over the heart is so grounding and helps with setting priorities and addressing problems, one by one, with great determination, until there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Perseverance could be her middle name!

So I hope these suggestions of essential oils (and there are many others!) that help us conquer depression, fear and worry will help you create an apothecary at home for body, mind and spirit.  All are important, and when our emotions are in balance, we are better able to think more clearly and maintain our physical health.

Before I go, I want to mention that, as a result of my last article on the importance of the immune system, I received many requests for an AromaKit that would support strong immunity. So…the Vital Immunity kit was created!  I do not yet have it on my Shining Sun Aromatherapy website, but if you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at [email protected]  The Vital Immunity AromaKit is $140, and includes 15 2 ml essential oils highly effective at supporting and building the immune system.

Sending you lots of love!  Do what helps you feel joy and peace, even if momentarily, in these difficult times.  If you do it every day, as a practice, those moments will multiply and will help you to uplift those you love.

Blessings, Audre