It’s A Match! Norway Spruce’s Defense & Coronavirus

by | Jun 15, 2020

Norway Spruce: A special Coronavirus Defense

Norway Spruce…is a beautiful essential oil we have offered for many years, almost since the beginning of Wisdom of the Earth.  However, I learned something about her recently that gave me a new appreciation for her.  Let me back up just a little.  

One of my dear friends and students, Patsy, is married to a very wonderful man who, as a scientist by training and decades of experience, tends to be somewhat skeptical of claims that unless they are scientifically confirmed.  Robert has picked up some of Patsy’s love and appreciation for Wisdom of the Earth’s essential oils, because for her, and now for him, they WORK!  However he rarely takes part in our gleeful exuberance about this oil or that oil.  So, imagine my surprise, one day, when I received an email from him with exactly 33 exclamation points in the subject line!  What, I wondered, is he so excited about?

As it turns out, the pandemic has prompted him to browse certain sites to see what the most recent scientific reports are on Covid-19.  Imagine his surprise when he found a citation on a research site that an Argentinian plant geneticist in a US University had found that RNA in the Covid-19 spike…the means by which the corona virus enters people…has a match in the RNA of Norway Spruce.  (According to an article in the Journal of Virology, the spike (S) protein is the sole viral membrane protein responsible for cell entry. It binds to the receptor on the target cell and mediates subsequent virus-cell fusion.)  

It seems that the plant researcher ran a search of the RNA of the Covid-19 spike against a massive database of known RNA sequences in nature,  and lo and behold (and thus, the 33 exclamation points), the only unique match was with Norway Spruce!  The scientist hypothesized that it may have been that an ancestor of Norway Spruce encountered an ancestor of the Covid-19 coronavirus and developed a defense to the virus.  Norway Spruce thus seems likely to have in its essential oil defenses, or building blocks for defenses, that may uniquely help protect us from COVID-19. 

Though there were no hard conclusions in this article (link: you may find it of interest.  

We have known that the essential oil from Norway Spruce has helped people suffering from viruses for years.  However this research suggests that Norway Spruce may be particularly effective with the virus COVID-19.  In addition to the normal uses of essential oils, I would also suggest putting a few drops inside your face mask whenever you are out in public.  I find that it facilitates breathing, but also puts that viral defense front and center.

Norway Spruce is $47 for a 15 ml bottle, and not only is she powerful, but the aroma is soft and beautiful.

Welcome Home, WOTE!

The walkway in the picture above leads to the entrance of Wisdom of the Earth’s new home in Arizona!  As many of you know, Barry Kapp, co-owner of the business, retired at the end of last year, and I assumed sole ownership of Wisdom of the Earth as of January 1, 2020.  We just moved to our new office space (in an old building…late 1800s!!) over Memorial Day weekend, and are happily settling in.    

We are located almost exactly between Sedona and Cottonwood, in a beautiful little office complex that suits us perfectly!  Our building had been a plant nursery for many years (many of my beautiful plants and trees at my home in Cornville were purchased there), and we were blessed to be able to lease it for Wisdom of the Earth.  The owners were happy, as they had hoped another plant nursery would come in, but that did not happen.  So they were thrilled when Wisdom of the Earth chose Windmill Gardens for our new home.  I now live only ¼ mile from the office, so I am thrilled with that aspect of it, as well!

We are creating a new “look” (see our new logo below – let me know what you think!!) and many new and exciting plans are taking shape as we speak.  Shining Sun Aromatherapy remains my private aromatherapy practice, and my SSA website will have a new look soon, as well.  Change is in the air and the signs of new life are all around!  We are honored to have you on this path with us, and hope you will include a visit to us in your future plans. 

Our new address is 9550 E Cornville Rd., Cornville, AZ  86325  Our office number remains 928-649-9968.  We also  have a new Wisdom of the Earth FaceBook page!  Please visit and like us soon!  If you “like” us, and place a comment on the page saying that you were invited through this Essential Thoughts E-news, you will be eligible to win a 10ml bottle of our GORGEOUS new Sweetgrass Essential Oil!  I will choose the winner by the end of June, so don’t delay!  We have packaged this size of Sweet Grass EO in a beautiful glass roller bottle, with a rose quartz roller ball.  Quite special!

One last announcement:  We are holding a Wisdom of the Earth Level 2 Advanced Retreat September 20-24, so if you are a WOTE-certified Level 1 student, and ready to expand your knowledge, experience and connection with the essences, please consider joining us for this life-changing event. We have some exciting guests planned, as well as continuation of some of our “signature” experiences.  For more information, please contact me, or Cynthia Olivera, our Education Director at WOTE.  The Wisdom of the Earth office number is 928-649-9968 and you can reach me by email ([email protected]) or cell phone (928-300-5090).  

Thank you for your interest in our sacred work with the plants and trees…the powerful and uplifting support of the Plant Kingdom offers a vitality, strength and inner harmony that only Nature can provide.

Until next time, with love, Audre