Shining Sun Aromatherapy provides the best that nature has to offer…unadulterated, single essential oils that bring the full power of the healing energy of the Plant Kingdom to you.  We like to say that our essences are exactly as they come from the plant or tree…nothing added, nothing subtracted.  We honor the wisdom and perfection of the natural world…and the incredibly complex and harmonized chemistries that make up these powerful medicines.  This is the foundational philosophy of Wisdom of the Earth and I abide by that approach in all that I offer through my personal practice, Shining Sun Aromatherapy.

I primarily focus on providing products that enhance our well-being and balance, while staying close to the heart of what we do…Wisdom of the Earth essential oils and hydrolats and AromaKits – a selection of 2 ml essences carefully selected with a specific purpose in mind…such as manifestation, ascension, chakra balance or transition from life.

I also carry an ever-changing assortment of beautiful, one-of-a-kind pendulums, which I use to gauge the quality and energy of essential oils, as well as to help make essence choices from a number of options.  You are welcome to contact me via phone or email and I would be happy to describe the pendulums I currently have available and send pictures of those that appeal to you.

A new addition to my aromatherapy accessories are beautifully crafted AromaAmulet necklaces.  These pieces feature a symbol that is meaningful to you…such as a raven, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Zia symbol, a feather… that has micaceous clay on the reverse side which absorbs a drop or two of  your favorite essential oil and surrounds you with that heavenly aroma and energy.  The magic of the symbolism enhanced by the healing energy of the essential oil creates jewelry that is not only beautiful, but helps us to focus on the promises we have made to ourselves.

I will be adding the AromaAmulets and the Pendulums to my On-line Store in the next few months.

I invite you to look through the descriptions of these various products; please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about them.  

If you have ordered from me before, and wish to place an order, please utilize the shopping cart on this site (Shop Tab) or call or email me; if you need an up-to-date price list, you can access it on the On-Line Store or Home pages of this website.