Manifest! AromaKit


Create the life you want to live – realize your potential and be the grandest version of who you really are.  These essences support you in clarifying and achieving your life’s purpose, manifesting that which you desire.  They call forth the support and guidance of the Universe.    Begin with all fifteen, or choose essences according to where you are relative to manifesting something important to you (from the descriptions which accompany the AromaKit).  Now, with the plants and trees as your allies, open your heart and mind to the possibilities, and watch things begin to happen.

Essences included:  Spruce (Black), Spruce (Red), Lavender (Spike), Rhododendron, Sage (True), Eucalyptus (Mint), Mugwort, Basil (Exotic), Chamomile (Wild), Hyssop, Nutmeg, Laurel Leaf, Orange Bigarade, Balsam (gurjun) and Juniper Berry.

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