Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil


Citrus paradisi

Cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit

Country of Origin: Mexico

All citrus oils are known to be uplifting to the mood and highly anti-bacterial and de-toxifying. Pink Grapefruit is no exception, but her color brings with it a soft and important connection to the Heart Chakra, where she can bring balance and a soothing effect. Pink Grapefruit’s fresh yet sweet aroma helps to facilitate peace and relaxation, and the bounty of antioxidants and phytochemicals in her physical make up are anti-inflammatory. Her boost to metabolism, combined with an appetite suppressant effect makes her a favorite of those watching their weight or embarked on a weight-loss effort. She is a beautiful and energizing addition to WOTE’s extensive array of essential oils. Though she is the mildest of the citrus essences in terms of causing skin sensitivity, we would suggest that you use her on the soles of the feet, or layered between two other gentle oils to protect the skin. It is always a good idea when trying a new essential oil, even a familiar one, to do a test patch on the inside of the elbow to determine if you can tolerate the essence neat on your skin.

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