Messages from the Essences…Yes, they do speak!

by | Aug 15, 2013

Had a wonderful Aromatherapy Meet Up gathering recently in Santa Fe; the topic was “Exploring with the Essences…It isn’t always in a ‘book’ “.  There were people there who have been using essential oils for years, and other “newbies” who were just beginning their journey with the plants and trees via the essences.  I picked 13 essences for our “experience.”  I mentioned a little about each one, so that everyone would have some idea of the properties of the essences.  Then, I asked each person to choose an essence to work with during the evening.  The instructions were as follows:  Jot down on a piece of paper “why” you chose this essence, and the key things you already know about this essence.  (For some people, the latter point was basically what I had offered by way of introduction.)  Next, they were to choose one of the many treasured and “tried and true” reference books I had brought to the meeting and see what the author had to say about “their” oil…and jot down any new, or particularly memorable information found there.  Finally, I asked that they breathe in the fragrance of the essence, and then place several drops of their chosen essence on their heart, or crown chakra..whatever felt right to them, and then sit in communion/meditation with the essence and ask the following:  “What should I know about you that wasn’t in the book?”  We then shared our information as a group.

The results were enlightening and profound.  Virtually everyone…seasoned aromatherapist to “newbie”…had an intimate exchange with their essence.  A couple of participants emailed me later to share their experiences, and I would like to share them here (as well as my own).

Jane chose Geranium, and this is what this precious essence had to say:  “I help you live through the ‘impossible’, the depths of despair, those moments when you ‘can’t go on’, but you MUST.  I hold that tiny candle of hope that says ‘all will be well, eventually.’ ”   For Neroli (blossom of the bigarade orange), the message was “I am a calming oil to give you peace and calmness with the choices you make.  Sacred spaces benefit when you use me there.  It opens up spiritual connection to the Divine.”

Rita chose Hyssop officinalis.  Here is what she said:  “I help you open to Divine Intoxication/bliss.  Put a drop of me on your third eye before going to sleep.  I will help you go deeper and deeper.  Walk with me…   I am a trickster — I’ll keep you clear and sharp and honest!”

I chose Ginger.  She revealed that her golden energy was a symbol of enlightenment and that her propensity to “move things” (energetically) was often required to allow us to become more enlightened…we have to let things go, embrace other things, and change to allow the required growth.  She also emphasized that, to “move things”, she literally removes blockages in the body…whether it be physical, to allow better blood flow, or emotional, to allow pent up energies to release.

So, the essences have quite a lot to say, if we just ask them…and then listen to them!  This is a wonderful experience you can create for your self…and I would love to hear all about it if you do!

Much love…Audre