Meet The “Golden Girls”! Golden Essences that Heal & Uplift

by | Oct 27, 2013

Essential-Oils-v3 I recently held an Aromatherapy Meet Up in Santa Fe, where, inspired by my earlier post on Turmeric…a Golden Goddess for sure…we explored a number of other golden essences and their healing and uplifting properties.  Here are some highlights from that meeting:

First, it is good to consider how color affects us.  It is said to be one of the languages of the soul; influences our moods and emotions; sheds light on our personality; influences the flow and amount of energy in our body; and acts as a balancer (as do the oils!) in our body and spirit.

From a Color Therapy point of view, what is known about the healing properties of the color yellow?  It is said that yellow strengthens and stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS), energizes muscles, aids shooting pains, supports the liver, stomach and intestines, and helps the pores of the skin.  Yellow is also thought to heal tissue trauma and reduce scars (old) and scarring (new).

On an emotional and spiritual level, the color yellow elevates the mood….and acts as a powerful anti-depressant.  Yellow speaks of a love of life, vitality, energy, curiosity, cheer and communication.  Aversion to the color yellow is said to bespeak bitterness held in the heart, disappointment and the avoidance of the depth and complexity of life…manifesting in many superficial relationships and few deep ones, and constant changing of activities and environment.


Here are a are a few of the essences we explored that clearly reflect the power and properties of the color yellow:

Wild Chamomile:  Anti-depressant, facilitates sleep, offers spleen and liver support, addresses fear, anger, bitterness.  Her mantra is ” I am at peace; I make a positive contribution to the world.

Helichrysum italicum (we have this essence from both Corsica and Albania):  Wound healer, anti-histamine, liver tonic, anti-oxidant without equal, scar prevention/reduction.  Her mantra is “I am the Queen of self-love…self-acceptance…self-nurturing.  I have a generous and open heart.”

Carrot Seed:  Addresses liver, skin and glandular problems.  Works as a diuretic.  Addresses anemia, anorexia.  Helps with eye health and balance.  Her mantra is “I see and understand my truth.  I do not need external validation.

Santolina:  Addresses gall bladder issues; powerful detoxifier.  Anti-fungal, endocrine support.  Her mantra is:  I am energized by life; I make the changes necessary to support my growth and happiness.”

pendulums yellowIf you, like I do, use pendulums in your work with essential oils, you might consider pendulums with yellow jade, yellow calcite, citrine, tiger eye, or moonstone when you using some of the golden girls….


Thank you, Golden Girls, for spreading your light and healing!  You truly “light up my life”.

Natureday lilyflowersFlowers-to-the-sunrabbitbrushCalendar-V2

I hope you enjoy the Golden Girls as much as I do….especially as the winter months approach, they bring us much needed light. Until my next Essential Thought, be well, be happy and be authentic!!

Much love, Audre