Making a “GO” of It: Essences to Support Moving Forward & Announcements

by | Nov 4, 2015

I recently had a consultation with a client that was replete with insights and information that I think all of us can benefit from…getting “off the dime” and moving forward toward goals and dreams we have been thinking about for a long time.  Whether that requires that we “get past something” or “move toward something” (what stops us from moving forward is often a bit of both!), the essences are there to help us take that first step toward the vision of ourselves we hold in our heart.  First, let me make a few announcements and then let’s get to it!


NEWLY ADDED LEVEL 1 CLASS IN SANTA FE:  I have scheduled a private Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class for Thursday and Friday, December 3-4, 2015 at my Shining Sun Aromatherapy studio in Nambe.  The hours will be 10 am to 5 or 5:30 pm both days.  The client is open to having a few other students join us, so if you were one who was disappointed that my next available class is next May…this may be an opportunity for you!  For more details on the Level 1 class, please visit my website and read the description and testimonials.  There is a registration form you can download, if you decide the time is right for you!  Please let me know ASAP if you want to register.

NEWLY ADDED  LEVEL 1 CLASS IN ARCATA, CA (Humboldt County, northern CA):  I will be teaching at my son’s aromatherapy practice in Arcata, Northcoast Essentials, Saturday and Sunday, March 12-13, 2016.  Times will be the standard times, 9:30-6:00 both days.  For more details on the Level 1 class, please visit my website and read the description and testimonials.  There is a registration form you can download, if you decide the time is right for you!  Please let me know ASAP if you want to register.

The SUMMER/FALL Words of Wisdom newsletter was recently posted on my site.  It is a beautiful issue with articles on Davana (the featured “Medicinal Angel”), Laurel Leaf, St. John’s Wort, Hyssop, Blue Yarrow, Mugwort, Eucalyptus Mint and Goldenrod.   Here is the link…happy reading!  Words of Wisdom Summer-Fall 2015 color

SANTA FE AREA AROMATHERAPY MEET UP:  I have two Aromatherapy Meet Ups scheduled to close out 2015.  The November 17th meeting is about the extremities of the body…the arms/hands and legs/feet.  These are areas of the body that get lots of use and abuse!  So, we will focus on caring for them with the oils.  December 8th we will discuss the skin…the largest organ of the body….and how essential oils can maintain the health and vitality of the skin, and also address many common skin problems.  Here is a link to our Santa Fe Aromatherapy Meet Up page:  We meet from 7-8:30 pm at my friend Peter Murphy’s APG office, which is near the Community College of Santa Fe. There is a $10 meeting fee.  Details are in the Meet Up posting.  Hope to see you there!

Making a “GO” of It

confused womanSo…maybe you are not where you want to be at this point in your life.  Or, you have held a dream in your heart for years…but don’t seem to get any closer to realizing it.  Or, you seem on the brink of “something”…but you don’t know exactly what it is, or how to actually bring it about.  Or…something similar.  Several “themes” came up in this particular consultation that seemed to be themes many of us deal with and find difficult to move beyond.  Maybe some insights and some essences will help you make your dreams a reality.

The client came with two key issues…motivation and confidence.  As we delved into each of them, we found that part of the issue with motivation was lack of clarity on the actual goal, or steps to get there.  With regard to confidence, it was revealed that she had been criticized throughout her childhood for not being good enough, or doing well enough, so, although she feels called to a certain profession, she has not been able to muster the energy or vision to make the change from her current work to her calling.   She stated that she felt somewhat trapped in her current job, which is not very interesting or fulfilling to her, because she has a lot of debt she feels she needs to clear before she can really feel justified in embarking on creating her own healing practice, with, at least initially, a less predictable income stream.  The two words that kept ringing in my mind as she spoke were CLARITY and COMMITMENT.

We talked about getting clear on the multiple goals of career change and debt reduction/elimination.  Did one havemultiple goals to occur before the other could be realized?  Was her approach of trying to move forward on all of them part of what was keeping her stagnant?  I felt that clearly defining and prioritizing her goals would be beneficial, that is, clarifying them and and their order of priority, and then deeply, honestly committing to that decision.  I feel that commitment drives action (and lack of commitment drives inaction).  I suggested Fragonia and Mugwort for getting clarity around her multiple goals (importance, confirming her continued interest in/passion for each goal, etc.) and letting go of any goals or interests that did not directly support achieving the chosen goals.

I suggested Marjoram and Laurel Leaf to help strengthen and anchor her commitment to these goals.  I stressed the importance of keeping our word to ourselves!  That, if we say something is a top priority, then we have to stick to the steps it will take to make it happen.  What do they say…Fortune favors the prepared “?  (L. Pasteur)  Well, Marjoram and Laurel Leaf motivate us through the sometimes tedious process of preparation/laying the groundwork, and hold us accountable for the commitment we made.  Over the heart or over the solar plexus…great places to apply “encouragement” essences!

The other themes that came to me were SILVER LINING and PERSPECTIVE.  With goals clearly envisioned, even the things we have to do that we would prefer NOT to…such as staying in a job that no longer motivates us because of the income and benefits it provides…can been seen and experienced from another perspective when we look at them in the context of their role in getting us where we want to go.  We can transform the “I no longer love doing this”, negative feeling, to “Before, I would have done this job for nothing!  I no longer feel that way, but I do love that it is a means for paying off my debt, which will free me to do what I love!”  Same situation, different perspective.

all or nothingOne additional point on this…I reminded her that by prioritizing goals, that didn’t mean that one had to be accomplished 100% before addressing another.  Since the financial goal was a key one for her, I suggested that substantial progress should be made on that before bringing other priorities into the equation.  But, as she made solid progress, she could begin introducing efforts and choices to begin to move ahead on her other goals.  All or nothing is one way to look at things…or you can set milestones on the most important goals that, when reached, signal that you are ready to broaden your approach.

Finally, having observed this client interact with her peers, I had seen, first hand, how supportive and encouraging she is.  She demonstrates a true compassion for uplifting those around her and cheering them toward their goals.  I mentioned to her that this is the “silver lining” of the difficult and hurtful experiences she had as a child, because her mother’s style was not to encourage, but to belittle.  While that type of feedback motivates some people (“I’ll show her and succeed!”) for many, it is discouraging and ends up eroding their self-confidence, making it hard for them to silver liningtry new things or take other types of risks.  The positive result (silver lining) it DID have, was for her to naturally and lovingly offer others the support she did not feel she received as a child.  What a gift!  So, with that perspective (and also the help of Miss Mugwort), she could begin to let go of the hurt from her childhood, and acknowledge and embrace the gift of her experiences.   I suggested Violet (over the heart) for helping release the hurt and find her strength and the silver lining in it all, and Mexican Lime, for the comfort and encouragement that she desires.

So, whether you need to get past something to move forward, or just “get off the dime” and become more active and persistent in pursuing your goals and dreams, I hope these snippets from a recent consultation will offer some ideas, direction and encouragement for you.

Much love, Audre

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