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by | Apr 14, 2009

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I was reminded the other evening of something that my business partner, Barry Kapp, often says…”The mind will demean the heart…but the heart will never demean the mind. ” I was thinking about the classes Barry, Cynthia and I had recently taught in Page Springs (near Sedona). The Level 2 was incredibly intense…it alway is, but this time, we all seemed to grow, minute by minute.
I teach a section on the last day that addresses biodiversity and its importance to not only human health, but the health of the plant and animal kingdoms, as well. One aspect that we discuss that day (and it is also sprinkled throughout the 5 days of the class), is the tragedy and threat of unbridled, unquestioned science. We touch on the “mad science” (my opinion) of GMOs, of agribusiness, of the degradation and exploitation of animals, whose only “sin” is to create, or be, food for us.
We talk about the over-emphasis…some would say, idolization, of scientific thought, scientific method…without comparable respect or honoring of artistic thought, feelings, intuition. I remember the many times I was scoffed at in the corporate world for being “soft on people”. We talk about holding the contributions of our minds in greater esteem than the contributions of our hearts, and the consequences of that for our health.
It is in those discussions that Barry often makes his observation about the mind demeaning the heart…but the heart never demeaning the mind. The mind engages in judgement…the heart engages in acceptance. The mind is taught to break things down into manageable pieces, while the heart sees the beauty, integrity and wisdom in seeing the whole.
Barry’s observation is a pretty solid “test” as to what forms the basis for your life. If you are one who denigrates information that is not supported by scientific evidence, who overrules your “gut” instinct with what your analytical skills conclude, then you are most likely NOT living in your heart. But if you consider the evidence, but also factor in what “feels” right, or what “came” to you in the shower when you were pondering the situation…then you are one who has found that perfect harmony of the mind and the heart.
There are essences that can help us to remember the importance of laughter, the value of what our heart “says”, as well as the importance of getting our facts straight. Artemisia is excellent for helping to bring the heart and the mind into harmony, on both a spiritual and physical level. I will often put Ylang Ylang on my heart as well as my crown chakra. Ylang Ylang is known for its heart-opening and heart-affirming properties; by applying it to my heart and mind, I am encouraging the balance between these two strong influences. Violet is one that helps us to lessen our fear of being “soft”…she protects us and lets us learn the power in being vulnerable, and that we need not buy into others’ judgements of us.
Where do you stand on the continuum between the heart and the mind?? Do you think the heart is just a “pump”, or do you believe it carries the song of the soul? This can be a very thought provoking topic…and it can stir strong feelings, as well. Which essences bring you more into your heart? Looking forward to hearing from you…
Blessings, Audreaudreheadshotweb

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