Live & Let Live – Why and How

by | Sep 16, 2012

Leonardo & I had a wonderful time at the Whole Expo in Durango last weekend! We saw many of our old friends, and made many new connections. It was wall to wall people! Great turnout, and we had a great show. Thank you to all who stopped by our table for conversation and information, those who purchased essences, pendulums, etc., and those signed up to receive ongoing information from Shining Sun Aromatherapy. Your interest and support, whether through shows like that, our e-news efforts, or our presence on social media, is deeply appreciated!

Recently, I was intrigued and inspired by a newsletter I received from Hana Kapp (my business partner’s daughter), who is a yoga instructor in California and part of the Wisdom of the Earth family. She was talking about how difficult it is for some to be able to accept others who have different viewpoints than their own. In her own words: “Can we love those with view points that may seem way ahead or way behind or just simply different than our own? Much of the world cannot. This is a bottom line for fighting and violence.” Given what is happening throughout the Middle East right now, the topic of her newsletter was timely and insightful.

She went on to offer an example of how, in the world of art, these differences are much more accepted and applauded. As she said: “When we look at a painting, we are bound to see different things…depending on our “view-point.” Would you chastise someone for seeing something you don’t in a painting? No! Not at all…instead you would say [something like] “Wow! It is so cool that you see that! I didn’t see that, but now that you mention it, I do.”

I thought that example was so simple and to the point…and so easy to relate to! However, as in many things in life, something that we can understand or embrace intellectually may not be so easy to put into practice in our life, even if we appreciate that it may affect our life or our circumstances for the better. Being open to the acceptance of other viewpoints or positions allows us to explore our own values and priorities, reaffirming what is at our core, and perhaps rethinking or relaxing those that seem less important to us than they used to be. It is a cause for reflection and re-examination…both of which make us more thoughtful, grounded human beings.

As I read her newsletter, I couldn’t help but think of essences that are there to help us change our behavior or thought patterns that no longer serve us, or are no longer who we want to be. One that immediately came to mind in answer to the question “How do I make this change?” was Mugwort. She is a Queen at helping us transition from one state of mind/belief system to another. This is not an easy task, but she is up to it, as she reminds us on a deep level that this is a Free Will Universe, and this is OUR choice, and ours alone.

Another is Melissa, which helps us overcome suspicion and distrust, but still maintain the clarity and independence associated, again, with choice. She opens the heart to accepting, not fearing, difference.

Often, the resistance of viewpoints different from our own is rooted in fear, so Violet would be an excellent essence for allowing us to feel protected and safe enough to explore another perspective or world view. She reminds us that entertaining another’s point of view doesn’t have to be an “in your face” kind of experience…she brings a civility and energy of acceptance (not necessarily agreement) to discussions of opposing philosophies.

And finally, a refreshing essence that brings perspective to our thoughts and feelings is Peppermint. According to Gabriel Mojay, She addresses the lack of tolerance we may experience by literally helping us to “swallow” what we may find difficult and let go of fixed resistance or stubbornness. This allows us to see if we really feel resistance because of deeply held values or because we do so habitually.

So…all in all…if we can adopt a “live and let live” attitude, and accept the different viewpoints of others, we will grow tremendously and probably experience a lot less angst in the process!

Until my next “Essential Thought”…be well and enjoy your essences!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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