Life with Fear at the Controls…

by | Jun 26, 2009

I met a one of my students for lunch the other day…we had several things to talk about and I looked forward to having a far-ranging conversation with her about life, love, business…you name it! However, we both started our conversation along the lines of…”What the heck is going on? I have had the STRANGEST things happen to me in the last couple of weeks!” We looked at each other and started laughing…”you, too???”

Both of us had recently had real challenges with regard to essential oils/natural treatments that are an integral part of our lives. In some cases, what had occurred in our separate lives were almost mirror images of each other. Instead of going through a laundry list of our respective experiences, I will just describe one, so you get our “drift.”

I had just returned from California, where I attended my daughter’s graduation from college. It was a wonderful time to reflect on her accomplishment and enjoy the company of friends and family members in attendance whom I don’t normally get to see. During the visit, my husband and I had stayed at a private apartment that we had rented for the occasion. We had taken some essential oils with us on our trip, as we always do. We had used the essences daily for everything from headaches to sore muscles to sleep interruption, as we always do. When we travel, we attempt to be aware of the fact that not everyone is as comfortable with the smell of essential oils as we are, so we use a lot less than we do when we are home, and attempt to use essences with smells that are familiar to people, like lavender, peppermint, etc.

Well, the day after I got back to New Mexico, I got a call from the owner of the apartment, who was terribly upset over the smell of the essences that had permeated the bedding (primarily) and the apartment (generally). To make a very long story very short, I have had to pay a substantial amount for a replacement mattress and bedding and additional cleaning charges. This was all complicated by the fear that characterized the exchange…new guests were set to check in for a lengthy stay the day after we left…I’m sure the owner feared that they might refuse the accommodations because of the smell. There was fear that we would not be responsible for the “damages” that had been done. There was fear that they could not get things rectified in time for their new guests. There was also likely some fear brought up by the lingering presence of the essences themselves…the oils DO bring up our “stuff” you know. We had some fear that we would not be treated fairly in the transaction. All of this fear created a layer of difficulty over the entire situation…a situation that was complicated and required quick resolution by the owners of the apartment. In the end, it ate up much more of our lives this past couple of weeks than any of us would have preferred. While I was personally able to stay out of a lot of the angst, it was troubling for all concerned.

The superficial “bottom line” is that we have the matter resolved in a way that I think is fair to all of us. The real “bottom line” for me was a lesson in what life is like when fear is at the controls. Usually we leave bed & breakfast-type accommodations and later hear from the owners…”We miss the smell of the essences! We loved standing in the middle of your room and just breathing in the aroma! We were so upset when that energy and smell were gone!” That was obviously not the case this time!!

I felt challenged at the level of authenticity…being able to “be ourselves” while in different circumstances than our own home environment. We are in a bit of a “bubble” in that my husband and I both work for ourselves, so, usually, we are able to use the essences to our hearts’ content. So…it was a reminder that many people fear smells they are not used to, or fear the feelings those smells bring up…and that those of us who love the essences and use them constantly, can create a challenge for those people, and they, in turn, can create a challenge for us. I also felt challenged in the “judgement” department…words like “smelly” were used, and I realized I felt very judged in the situation. Not a cool feeling. So…I needed to let that go and remember to allow them their feelings and own my own…not theirs.

So, as we essence lovers interact in the world, we will be reminded that the planet is the planetgoing through a very profound shift, and it has heightened the level of fear that many people are experiencing. We can expect MORE fear, not less, as we move through these changes on an individual as well as a planetary level. So, what is the antidote to fear? There are really only two feelings that humans experience…LOVE and FEAR. All other feelings are some aspect of one of those, or has at their root one of those. The antidote to fear is LOVE.

So let’s all draw upon the incredible love that is within our hearts, and is contained so wonderfully in the plant and tree essences, to remember to always act in love…to always make our choices based on the question “What would love do now?”

And as for me…I am putting Ylang Ylang on my heart and Violet on my crown to strengthen love and release fear…and you will probably be able to smell me before you see me!!

With love, Audre

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