Laurel Leaf & Finding Your Authentic Voice

by | Jun 16, 2011

I had the pleasure today of teaching a private class via Skype to a friend/student/client who lives in NYC. We were discussing some “Foundational Essential Oils” — essences any trained aromatherapist should be familiar with. One we discussed was Laurel Leaf (laurus nobilis), also known as Bay Laurel (yes, the seasoning!).

As I was speaking about the incredible healing gifts of this essence, I found myself writing little notes to myself, wanting to remember some key points and “turns of phrase” that I wanted to share more broadly with all of you who receive these “Essential Thoughts.”

First of all, I emphasized that Laurel Leaf opens your throat chakra and helps you find your “authentic voice.” That voice, those words, that perspective, that can come only from YOU. What is your message? What is the perspective you have honed from years of living, thousands of experiences, moments and lessons that will live with you forever? THAT is what you bring to the things you choose to speak about, the emphasis you choose to give, and the audience or individuals to whom you choose to speak.

Second, Laurel Leaf helps you to speak your truth…while, at the same time, honoring the truth of others. She helps you to learn to “agree to disagree”, and to learn the fine art of expressing doubt, expressing disagreement, questioning authority, all the while owning your opinion and honoring the opinions of others…no matter how different they are from your own. She is especially helpful to those who, in the past, have been shouted down, who have been silenced, or whose words have been used against them.

Finally, Laurel Leaf helps teach a lesson I learned many years ago…a lesson that turned around a situation I was managing at the time, and has stayed with me nearly 40 years. “You can only influence others when YOU are open to influence.” Laurel Leaf gives us the courage to change…to hear the perspective of others and, when it feels right, to modify our own views, based on new data or a compelling and different point of view.

We may change our minds completely, or we may “tweak” or broaden our message or perspective. Either way, we demonstrate that we are open to influence…that we are not “fixed & unmovable”…that we don’t have “our heels dug in.” We are flexible, capable of learning and changing, and, in that strength, we will find that, in response, others will be willing to learn and change as well.

Warm regards,

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist

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