Is there an Adventurer in you?

by | Aug 5, 2010

As usual, my husband, Leonardo, has inspired me with his willingness to explore, try the unconventional and come up with yet another use for one of my essences or other products!  The other morning, he came over to me, smiling broadly.  “Don’t my teeth look great?”  Well, yes, they did…but…”I brushed them with your rose hip seed (rosa rubiginosa) exfoliant!  It is amazing!”

Yep, that  is my husband.  Out-of-the-box thinker!!  At Wisdom of the Earth, we have a wonderful product…the pulverized seeds of the rose hip, which make an amazing exfoliant when gently rubbed into clean, wet skin. The rose hip oil, made from these same seeds, is very nutritional and moisturizing for the skin; I usually use it in the morning as a moisturizing base for the other essences I use on my face. The exfoliant, therefore, not only removes dead cells, but also has these healing properties and is beneficial for the skin below. I usually follow my thrice a week, evening exfoliation, with our cucumber oil. The only phrase I have found that REALLY describes how this process makes my skin feel is “like a baby’s behind!”   Ahhh, now THAT is beautiful!!

Well, Leonardo, who also uses the exfoliant on his face, thought a bit about the consistency and healing properties, and decided to use it on his toothbrush, after brushing his teeth with a natural toothpaste, as a final treatment for his teeth and gums. He loves the taste of it, and felt it made the surface of his teeth smooth as silk…and that it felt great on his gums, too!

Not to be outdone (after his second time using the rose hip…and still raving about its effectiveness), I tried it this morning. Voila! I have to admit, my teeth feel incredibly clean and my gums literally felt massaged by the rose hip exfoliant! I had questions about how hard it would be to rinse my mouth and teeth of the tiny particles…but, again, Leonardo was right. No problem! Rinsed away without a trace!

All of this caused me to reflect on what makes one person comfortable exploring new things, while others stick closely to their comfort zone, no matter the situation. After turning it around in my heart and mind, one word surfaced…FEAR. Fear that we will fail. Fear that we will look silly. Fear that others will judge us. Fear that the experience will not be what we thought it was.  We may think…no, it is not fear…that is just not my personality!  And, that may be true…but what is our personality other than the product of years of experience (environment) + heritage (genetic) + our contract in this life (spiritual heritage)?  So…it may be instructive to think about all of those layers of experience, and how they have influenced us.

I have always thought to myself, when contemplating a decision (especially one outside of my comfort zone)…”what is the worst that could happen?” Usually, the “worst” was not all that bad…certainly something that I could deal with. And, often, I was hugely rewarded for taking that step outside my comfort zone. Other people don’t even have to go through that thought process, but it is one that has always served me, and bolstered decisions to try something or do something different.

Where are you on the Adventurer Scale? Is this a strong part of your personality (Pisces are legendary for this…thus Leonardo’s penchant for the unknown!) Or, is this a facet of your personality you have not yet polished?  If so, and if you are ready to reap the rewards of “stepping out”, try these essences to give you a little nudge:  Peppermint (being adaptable); Eucalyptus Mint and Black Spruce (removing blocks); Geranium and Mugwort (pushing boundaries); Champaca and Bergamot (confidence); White Pine (enthusiasm); Davana (expansion, throwing off limitations); Violet, Laurel Leaf (fear); Tangerine (inner guidance), Juniper Berry (power), Carrot Seed (self-doubt), Frankincense and Rosewood (trust).  (Thanks to the Gritman Guide to Essential Oils, 2nd Edition, for great insight on the spiritual use of essences.)

This is just a quick list…do any of those attract you (e.g., pushing boundaries) or “ring a bell” as to being an issue you have worked on for years (e.g., self-doubt)?  If so…that essence just may help bring out or strengthen the adventurer in you!  And, as Uqualla, one of our teachers and mentors says, “Say YES to any ‘uninvited’ opportunity…Spirit has called you!”

Much love…for WHOEVER you are!  Audre

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