Intoxicating Essence of Lavender Indulge Yourself!

by | Jun 17, 2017

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Intoxicating Essence of Lavender
Indulge Yourself!

Wisdom of the Earth’s Albanian Lavender (Lavendula augustifolia) is wild-crafted in the lowlands of this beautiful country. A calming, yet uplifting essence, She is the perfect remedy as we head into the long hot days of summer! Too much wind or sun exposure on that camping trip?  She is just the essence to sooth your troubled skin.  Headache from squinting into the sun? She’s your girl.  Difficult to fall asleep in an unfamiliar bed or unfamiliar setting while you are traveling?  Several drops of Albanian Lavender applied to your wrists and over your heart will help you drift off to sleep in minutes.  Highly anti-inflammatory and analgesic, she will take the pain, redness and swelling out of insect bites.

We offer 7 different Lavenders…Albanian (my favorite, I will admit!); Fine Lavender; three elevations of Highland Lavender (harvested by hand atop Mt. de Cheiron in France) 1200-1400 meters, 1600 meters and 1800 meters; Spike Lavender (from Spain) – especially excellent for pain management; and Stoechas Lavender – also from Spain, also great for pain, but not as traditional a “lavender” aroma as the others.  It is rare, indeed, to be able to offer multiple wild-crafted lavenders, but we are blessed to do so.  The others are bio-dynamically produced, which is more prevalent in Europe than in the US, and means that the farming techniques are based upon the philosophies and methods of Rudolf Steiner.

Let Lavender, with her multiplicity of uses, old-fashioned comfort and intoxicating scent be your Summer companion.

Layer with Lavender Hydrolat
Multiply the Blessing!
The water from the “cook” of the lavender essence, our Lavender hydrolat is made from the distillation of Fine Lavender.  It is subtle, but powerful, and helps prevent or treat sunburn, calms the central nervous system, soothes Rosacea, and heals small scratches.

On an emotional/spiritual level, this hydrolat uplifts and delights the senses, has a soothing effect, and raises your vibration.  The hydrolat can be sprayed on the body, or around a stuffy room to literally, and figuratively, “clear the room”.  Use this beauty to bless yourself in ceremony!

Our hydrolats come in 4 oz bottles (120 ml) with a spray top.  They are best stored in a refrigerator, unless they are frequently used.  They do not have the same shelf-life as essential oils.

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