Inspired by Julie & Julia…Sharing 240 Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils With YOU

by | Aug 9, 2009

graduation-011I just returned from seeing Julie & Julia…what an incredible movie!! I was delighted and entertained every moment…laughing out loud, tearing up on cue! For those of you who may not know the story line, a frustrated writer/government employee whose love of food/cooking is her only respite from her boring job and frustrations as a writer, decides to tackle Julia Child’s book on French Cooking (Mastering the Art of French Cooking), and prepare each and every one of the 500+ recipes in the book within 365 days…and share her experiences on her blog. It is a fabulously creative and well-acted movie.

On the way home, I told my husband, Leonardo…I am so inspired!! I think I will take the premise and apply it to essential oils!! Wisdom of the Earth, which I own with a business partner, has, at this writing, 240 essential oils (and here, I am including 31 concretes, hydrosols, and carrier oils) in our portfolio. Starting tomorrow, I will begin to experience each essence, from Agarwood to Zanthoxylum, and write about it on this blog. By experience I mean:

  • Meditate with the essential oil…connect with its essence and ask for guidance as to its purpose in general, its purpose for me, and how I should best use it at this time;
  • Apply the essence to my skin (in an appropriate place, relative to the particular purpose of the essence I wish to focus on, and the number of drops I feel guided to use); and
  • Try to be completely open to “hear” something about the essence and let go of pre-conceived notions about its purpose (since I am an aromatherapist, I use many of them daily…I want to see each one anew)

So…come along for the ride!! I am excited and enthused about reconnecting with some essences I haven’t used in a long time, and seeing with new eyes (and hearing with new ears) my many “favorites” that I use all of the time. This should be quite an experience for me…I like to think I learn something new every day…and hopefully, it will be for you too!! So come along if you like..if not for the direct experience…at least for the ride!!

Blessings, Audre

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