Getting What You Need

by | Jul 1, 2012

A quick “Announcement” before I share some of the feedback on my last “Essential Thought”, where I explored the idea that belief that the oils can heal us influences their effectiveness.

On August 11-12, I will be holding a Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Class in Medicinal Aromatherapy here at my studio in Santa Fe, NM. The cost is $475, and if you register before July 11th, you receive a $25 “early bird” discount. This will be my last class until December, so if you have been thinking about committing to the plants and trees in this way, and to your own health and well-being, please contact me to register, or to ask any questions.

Now, on to some of the reactions to the last ET. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences! Here are some highlights:

The vast majority of people who shared their thoughts with me stated that they felt that belief/trust in the oils definitely had a material effect on their healing power.

Jan stated: I certainly agree that the beliefs of the person using the oils and the person receiving the oils has a bearing on whether or not the oils can express themselves in the highest way possible.

I love that phrase “express themselves in the highest way possible.” So elegant and so true!

Patsy gave the following example: I love the oils and they work for me. My husband is a scientist and he tries the oils with an open mind…not a “believer”, but not totally negative, either. They work for him, but not to the extent that they work for me.

I have observed this, as well, with others.

Karuna shared that her position on this aspect of aromatherapy is evolving (as is mine)…and she said: On one level, the answer seems to be linked to placing an intention when using the oils, and having that intention amplify their effects. On another, the ancient wisdom of the plants and trees will allow the healing to take place exactly as it needs to.

That speaks to the perfect unfolding of the Universe…even when it doesn’t look so perfect at the time. I subscribe to this philosophy and have had situations that have proven its truth to me.

Then Kathy gave some thoughts, as well…The oils are very intelligent. You can ask an oil to help you with something other than its original [known, primary] purpose if that is the only oil in your toolbox. And…they are so intelligent that if an oil knows you need it, it may gush all over you.

Karuna’s statement about “allowing the healing to take place exactly as it needs to” and Kathy’s second example about an oil “gushing all over you”, brings me to the subject of today’s Essential Thought…Getting What You Need.

I have a wonderful example of this…I was doing a holistic expo in San Francisco a few years ago. There were several young people at my booth, and we were chatting about natural medicines, and they were enjoying experiencing many oils they had never heard about. All of a sudden this large woman came over to the booth and literally plowed through the group to the very edge of the display. She was attired in a pink (rose colored) dress and had quite an imposing presence, due to her size and the color she was wearing. She ignored the conversation that was in process and loudly asked “Do you carry Rose oil?” I said yes, and started to explain to her that ours was steam distilled, etc., and she kind of waived me off and said “I want to try some of yours.”

I handed her the Wisdom of the Earth Rose tester, and she went to try it, then loudly gasped and said “I only wanted a drop! A whole bunch gushed out on me! I am going to the Ladies’ Room to wash it off!” And with that, she bolted from the table in search of the bathroom. The people at the table kind of looked at each other and laughed nervously. Then one said something about how difficult a customer she was. I laughed and said…”She was upset about getting “too much” Rose on her, but I know she got exactly what she needed. And, she is wasting her time trying to wash it off, because it has already gone into her bloodstream and scrubbing her hand won’t do much good!”

She came back to the table in a few minutes a changed woman. She was cheerful and chatted with the young people at the booth. She respectfully asked me questions about some of the other oils and waited for the answers. She even offered to help me at the booth! Then, my daughter called — she lives about an hour south of San Francisco, and wanted to come visit me at the show — and she was asking ME for directions. Ha! That is not one of my strengths, LOL. The lady said…”Oh, I am from the area! I can help her!” And she proceeded to get on the phone and patiently and kindly gave explicit directions to my daughter. She then said goodbye to us all and went on her way.

All of the young people looked at me with their mouths open in surprise! They could not believe the positive change in her energy and her behavior brought about by the Rose oil. It was a great “teaching moment” as I explained to them…when something like that happens? It just means that you got what you needed.

So…if you are using an oil….and a “bunch” comes out instead of the amount you planned; or, you grab one oil and use it…and it turns out that you got the “wrong” one; or, you ordered an oil and we mistakenly sent you a different one…maybe you are supposed to have that oil! I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me…’You know…I think I got this one because I must need it! I am not going to return it.” I am honestly not “passing the buck” here…we would absolutely exchange the oil and absorb the mailing costs! But, when you begin to think this way…”that you got what you need”…you see “mistakes” in a different light.

I hope those of you in the Santa Fe area are enjoying this bit of rain we are having (finally!)…and am sending my thoughts and prayers to those in Colorado experiencing the wildfires. Please know that Laurel Leaf is amazing to help the respiratory system when it faces such stresses.

Until the next “Essential Thought”…be well and enjoy your essences!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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