Essential Thoughts…Formerly Fearless Aromatherapy

by | May 23, 2013

toe in waterWe all evolve and change direction, and my blog efforts are no exception!  Several years ago, I “put my toe in the water” with a blog called Fearless Aromatherapy. The topics were great…the entries, however, seemed to get longer and longer no matter how hard I tried to make them succinct.  So, I got the idea of doing a daily (Ha! That lasted about a week!) Essential Thought…a brief snippet of something that came up during the day in my own use of the oils, or in working with a client…that I thought others would benefit from knowing.  And thus…my Essential Thought emails were born.  People loved them, and I loved writing them.
Although I planned to do them very frequently, with the busy schedule of my life, that just didn’t happen. So…they began to replace my Fearless Aromatherapy Blog as a periodic source of essential oil information.

I am posting both on my site here, on the Essential Thoughts page, as the information is too good to be lost somewhere in cyberspace…so that early effort is combined here with my current sharing of thoughts and tips regarding essential oils and their use.  Enjoy!

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