Essential Thoughts from Audre Gutierrez: Leonardo’s Lavender and Important Announcements

by | Apr 9, 2021

Leonardo’s Lavender – In honor of Leonardo Rueben Gutierrez 1958-2020

15 ml $44  120ml $308   10% of all sales of this Lavender will be donated to an animal rescue organization in Leonardo’s name.

The Story of Leonardo’s Lavender

This story has many parts, some of which build upon each other.  So, while I will try to be succinct, I would like to tell you the story of Leonardo’s Lavender.

This Lavender from Bulgaria is being introduced in honor of my beautiful husband, Leonardo Rueben Gutierrez, who passed on December 28, 2020.  Those who knew Leonardo knew how much he loved essential oils…and he knew nothing about them at all until he met me in 2007.  He always said that, because of me and our Wisdom of the Earth oils, he learned to be centered and grounded.  He was very fascinated with that change in himself, which he proudly attributed to the Plant Kingdom.

He often called himself “more is better” Leonardo, as he was not a “drop counter” by any stretch of the imagination.  He kept bottles of oils in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the TV room and in the bathroom.  Oh yes, and almost always, a bottle of violet in his pocket.

Some months ago, as I was evaluating a set of lavenders from Bulgaria for our Lavenders Around the World Collection, an interesting experience occurred.  I had asked the farmer to include ones that he thought were best for pain…I had been having pain in my back and I wanted to see how well his samples would work for pain relief.  I picked a bottle one night and asked Leonardo to rub some on my back.  He was happy to oblige, and did so generously, of course.  What he had left on his hands, he rubbed on his chest…and he immediately said “Wow!  This oil is amazing!  I can really, really feel it!”  As he said it, the pain in my back began to lessen.  We were impressed with the results and entranced with the aroma!

I purchased some of the lavender, but decided upon another for the Collection.  Months went by, and my staff was asking me what I was going to do with the second Bulgarian lavender.  Since we were going through the creation of the new labels for our essences, I contacted the farmer to verify the information I had and ask for a few more details to put on the label.  Imagine my surprise when he told me that, of all of the samples he had sent, that one was actually a combination of two varieties that are specialties in that part of Bulgaria.  My heart fell.  Wisdom of the Earth has always been known for offering single, pure essences…and here this beautiful oil was actually a combination of two.  I was feeling like I couldn’t include it in our portfolio, and was discussing the situation with my WOTE colleagues, Cynthia and Susie.

I ended up telling them the story of how much Leonardo had loved that lavender, and how incredibly it had worked on my back.  I also shared how, when I told the farmer of our experience with his oil, he was so delighted, and had mentioned that none of his clients had ever shared such a personal story with him.  He was as happy about me sharing our experience with him, as he was about how powerfully the essence had worked, because he felt that it showed the level of trust in our relationship.

I also mentioned to them that the idea of combining two complementary lavender varieties reminded me of the wine industry’s “meritage” offerings, where two or more Bordeaux varieties are combined, none of which can make up more than 90% of the total.

Cynthia and Susie looked at each other…then looked at me…and Cynthia said…”Maybe we can introduce it as a unique offering from Wisdom of the Earth, and we can call it Leonardo’s Lavender, in his honor.  It isn’t really a traditional blend, because we are not including more than one type of essential oil to create a fragrance or address a medicinal issue…they are both Lavendula angustifolium, just different varieties. “

Hmmm.  Maybe it is more like a marriage than a blend, I thought.   And then I remembered something that “sealed the deal.”  About a month before Leonardo died, I was telling him how he made me happy, how he cheered me up in difficult times, and how he soothed me when I was upset or worried.  He looked at me with that sweet little smile he had and happily said, “I’m your Lavender!”  And I said, “Yes, honey, you absolutely are.”

So, for all of those reasons, we have chosen to say YES to this beautiful Lavender, which is a marriage of the Jubilee and Sevtopolis varieties, and offer it in recognition of all that Leonardo contributed, not only to Wisdom of the Earth, but to all whose lives he touched.  And, to honor his legacy of generosity and love for animals — especially those in danger or who have been abandoned — WOTE will donate 10% of the annual sales of this oil to a deserving animal rescue organization.  To purchase on-line:

Enjoy the gorgeous aroma, knowing that the oil comes from a beautiful farmer who loves what he does, does it with care, and is honored that his Lavender is being offered in this way.

Enjoy the calm that you will feel…that emanates from the inside out.

Enjoy the relief it brings from pain, whether emotional, physical or spiritual.

Enjoy the connection with dear Leonardo, whether you knew him personally or not, remembering how he felt so connected to the Earth when he used the essential oils he loved so much.

Enjoy the special feeling of Leonardo’s Lavender….you can put words and images to the way this oil connects with YOU.

And so it is.

Announcements:  I would like to share information about the upcoming Wisdom of the Earth Certification classes we’ve recently scheduled.

Level 2 Advanced Sacred Aromatherapy Training – June 3-5 and June 10-12 ON LINE via Zoom.  The timing for each of the 6 days will be 11 am to 5 pm, AZ time  (like West Coast time when most of the rest of the nation is on DST).  There are several short breaks and one longer break each day.  Please contact Cynthia Olivera, our Education Director, for more info, pricing, discounts for couples or “pods” registering together, etc.  She can be reached at 928-649-9968 or [email protected]

Level 2, Advanced Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat – October 3-8, 2021,  In Person, in the Cornville or Sedona area.  Same content as the Zoom classes.  Place TBD.

Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class – December 3 & 4, 2021 at the WOTE office in Cornville.  Cynthia and I are the facilitators…we would love to see you there 🙂  Feel free to contact me or Cynthia for details or to register.

Blessings, All…enjoy the beautiful Spring weather we are having.  It nurtures my soul.  Love, Audre