Essential Thought: Considering Frankincense

by | May 31, 2013

Frankincense…it almost looks like gold in this picture…and, in many ancient societies, it was considered as valuable as gold, or even more so!  One of my students recently wrote her Level 1 Certification paper about Frankincense, and it was quite wonderful, as she explored her personal relationship with this precious essence and offered some insights about its history and current status.Frankincense  It seems that the harvesting of Frankincense resin (pictured), from which the essential oil is made, is facing a number of problems…among them, the over-harvesting by some farmers, and the demise of the trees which results, and the pittance the resin producers are paid, relative to the “middle-men” brokers, who then market the resin to perfumers, essential oil producers, etc.   She even included a link to a video about the plight of the farmers and the trees, and I found it both enlightening and disturbing.  I commend it to you as an excellent example of the real problems facing the aromatherapy industry and the producers.

For now, however, we have this precious substance…this precious oil from Somalia.  What is Frankincense used for?  For one, it is our “go to” oil for any type of cancer…very powerful, and especially so when teamed up with Myrrh and Galbanum.  I also use Frankincense when there is a need to break free from tradition…expectations…assumptions…to release yourself from the prison of others views and desires for you and to become your own person — your authentic self.  As a resinous essence, Frankincense is grounding and centering…but She also can be clarifying…especially with regard to spiritual issues and issues of the conscience.

Frankincense is also about finding our strength in times of challenge…emerging from the “dark night of the soul” into a new life of truth and higher purpose.   I commend Frankincense to you…she richly deserves her reputation.

Much love to you…and may this, my first Essential Thought since I have released my new website, be the first of many conversations we have about essential oils, this precious gift from Mother Earth to all her children.  Please feel free to share your thoughts about Frankincense, your experiences, your questions.  They are most welcome!