Essential Oils

My goal at Shining Sun Aromatherapy is to provide a wide range of essence choices relative to healing properties, price, aroma and ease of use.  We have many essences that are very rare and many that are virtually unknown in this country, including Fragonia, Oak Moss, and Sitka Spruce. We also have many varieties of commonly known essences; for example, we carry eight varieties of Eucalyptus.  Each variety has its own personality and often has specific uses, such as Eucalyptus (Mint), which is especially wonderful for children, seniors and asthmatics, and Eucalyptus (Lemon), which is known for its ability as an insect repellant…particularly effective against the mosquito that carries the West Nile virus.

And, just as our personal relationships with our farmers are greatly important to us, we also greatly value our personal relationships with our clients and students.  We always like to say “There are no order takers at Wisdom of the Earth or Shining Sun Aromatherapy.”  If you call or email me, you will either reach me, my husband, Leonardo (who is an advanced aromatherapy student and a passionate, prolific, knowledgeable user of the essences), or an office assistant, who is also a WOTE-certified  aromatherapist.  We will listen to your questions and determine if a consultation with me is needed to do justice to your situation, or if we can comfortably suggest essences based on your understanding of your needs. 

We offer a comprehensive Essential Oils Reference Guide, which covers the key physical, emotional and spiritual uses of the 260+ Wisdom of the Earth single, pure essential oils, as well as production information such as country of origin, color, plant part used, etc.   The Guide also includes many usage charts and application suggestions.

It can be purchased via our on-line store or by placing an order with me via phone or email.