Essential Oils Information

There is a lot of information available on the internet, in books and on this site about essential oils, and how humans have used them for their health and spiritual development for centuries.

While information is important, I would also emphasize the value of experiencing the essences. No amount of information or analysis can replace the feeling that flows through your body when you have applied pure essential oils to your skin. It is like falling in love…you can analyze it, or wax poetic about it…but nothing comes close to the experience of feeling love. So, when I get one of the many calls I receive from someone wanting to purchase and read our Reference Guide and some aromatherapy book before deciding which essences to order, I always encourage them to considering ordering the Guide and an essence, so that the experience of aromatherapy can inform their decision-making.

This section of my website offers:

  • A brief introduction to Medicinal Aromatherapy;
  • The ancient and modern use of essential oils to maintain physical and emotional health and address common health issues;
  • What makes Wisdom of the Earth essential oils some of the most respected essences and hydrolats available today; and
  • An overview of our essential oil portfolio, categorized by the plant part from which the essence is produced. This latter section also describes some of the healing properties common to the different plant parts, such as the roots, the blossoms and the seeds.  Many people have told me that this is their favorite page on my website!


Please enjoy this verbal and visual conversation…and if you have an essence handy…put a few drops over your heart as you explore this part of my site!