Essence Insight: Rosemary verbenone

by | Feb 11, 2011

I was up to my ears in filing today, and came across some essence profiles I had created for a custom AromaKit I made for one of my students. As I was reading each entry, I realized that I should share these more broadly…that others could learn from these insights into particular essences. So…today I will share what I said about Rosemary verbenone, along with some additional commentary.

 Rosemary verbenone essential oil allows us to access the many facets of our personality…our many “faces”, so to speak. Society likes us to be predictable and unvarying; nature is forever changing, adapting, showing different sides of her personality. Rosemary honors the many faces that we can authentically reveal.

Wow. Quite a complex set of statements.  I am particularly “hit” with the concept that society likes us to be “predictable and unvarying.”  I must say that, in the past, I highly valued myself and others. I think I found safety in it, since I experienced a childhood where my father was hugely inconsistent…sometimes loving, usually controlling and abusive…and I didn’t want to endorse or encourage that range of behaviors in myself or others.

As I have allowed myself the freedom to express various aspects of my personality…some of which conflict with each other…I have had to let go of my love of consistency.  And, as I have embraced the diversity represented in my authentic self, I have had to release others from my expectation of consistency.  Very challenging…and very enriching.

My description goes on to hold up Nature as an example of ongoing change, diversity and adaptability.  Nature is an incredible model of reality, of authenticity.  We can benefit greatly by observing her, honoring her, and following her lead.  What better compliment than to be seen as “a natural”, to be described as being “naturally” good at something?  Even our language reveals the value of behaving or performing in a Nature-like way.  Our ability to embrace and adapt to change is currently being sorely tested by these tumultuous times.  When we can truly “go with the flow” and trust in our innate ability to change and grow as situations dictate, we can begin to relax and let go of our fear of change.

Finally, consider the description of Rosemary verbenone as “honoring the many faces we can authentically reveal.”  Whew.  That is a mouthful, conceptually and practically.  ”Authentically reveal.”  First off, the word reveal requires that WE know that face, that  WE know the many aspects of ourselves, before we can show them to others.  This is not a mask that we are talking about…a persona carefully crafted for the outside world.  This is about having the self-knowledge, the insight, the courage to reveal the many different aspects of yourself  to the world.  ”Authentically” harkens to that fundamental connection to your beliefs, your values, what you hold to be true about yourself and the world.  So, each face, each aspect of your self, must be grounded in your truth for it to be authentic.  Upon close inspection and reflection, we sometimes find that an aspect of ourselves is no longer true…or never was.  We accepted other’s desires for ourselves, or bought into others’ value sytems, or no longer accept or believe something we once held as truth.

This is heavy, heavy stuff…and the irony is that, in dealing with it, we become much lighter.  More complex perhaps, but lighter on many levels.  Rosemary verbenone essence  is especially gifted at supporting us in this introspection, in this bringing to light our true selves (plural intentional).  If any of this rings true to you…perhaps Rosemary is your girl.  Or perhaps, she has already been a guide and a friend to you on this journey.

I breathe easier with Rosemary verbenone in my corner…she champions me when the chips are down, and challenges me when I need to look closely at whether my actions, words or thoughts are truly aligned with my beliefs, my truth.  Put several drops of her on your heart chakra, your crown chakra…even the soles of your feet.  She will put a definite spring in your step!

Lots of love,


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