Exotic Essence Collections from Around the World

So many people tell me how fortunate I am to be doing my life’s work with plant and tree essences. They also see working closely with our wonderful farmers from all over the world as an exotic, exciting part of our work. And…they are correct on both counts!

Each part of the world has its own unique beauty, its own individual “signature”, so to speak. The people of these lands, while surprisingly (to me, at first) like us, are also unlike us in ways particular to their heritage and local culture. So, while we celebrate our human commonalities, we also cherish and honor our differences.

So, take a peek into the exquisite world of the plants and trees via messengers from the far corners of the world. Each of my essence collections is designed to give you a variety of essential oils that will, individually and collectively, take you on a healing journey to their special place on the map.

Relish their uniqueness and savor their exotic aromas. Presenting…Shining Sun Aromatherapy’s Exotic Essence Collections from Nepal, Madagascar, Morocco, France and the High Desert of the American South West.

Nepal – Home of the Himalayas

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24679763 Nepal woman nepal BN1208

Rhododendron (15 ml)
Eucalyptus masala (15 ml)
Sugandha Kokila (15 ml)
Chamomile, Blue (5 ml)
Spikenard (5ml)

The Nepal Collection – $144
The Nepal Collection in all 15 ml size – $222

Madagascar – An Island Nation like No Place Else on Earth

AvenueBaobabs madagascar woman C17-760975 stone forest of madagascar

Ylang Ylang (15 ml)
Anise Raven (15 ml)
Ravensara aromatica (15 ml)
Cinnamon Bark (5 ml) (please use with care…very “hot” essence)
Ginger (15 ml)
The Madagascar Collection – $170
The Madagascar Collection in all 15 ml size – $209

Morocco – Ancient Traditions, Ancient Beauty

Sahara-Desert-Morocco moroccan city Blue City of Morocco countryside morocco

Atlas Cedarwood (15 ml)
Wild Chamomile (5 ml)
Mugwort (15 ml)
Myrtle cineoliferum (15 ml)
Blue Tansy (5 ml)

The Morocco Collection – $162
The Morocco Collection in all 15 ml size – $264

France – Where Beauty Abounds

lavender & mountains lavenderamongtherocks window in provenceblue gate FR

Rosemary verbenone (15 ml)
Peppermint FR (15 ml)
Highland Lavender (1200 meters) (15 ml)
Ocean Pine (15 ml)
Violet (5 ml)

The France Collection – $226
The France Collection with 1800 meter Lavender & 15 ml Violet – $316

The High Desert of the American Southwest – Vast, Expansive Vistas

juniper berries desert flowers pinonpine monumentvalley_1

Rabbit Brush (5 ml)
Engleman Spruce (5 ml)
Pinon Pine (5 ml)
Ponderosa Pine Cone (5 ml)
Juniper Berry (5 ml)

The Southwest Collection – $245
The Southwest Collection all 15 ml – $637