Essence Ceremonies

candles pictureThe essences are very powerful in creating certain energies…loving and supportive, for situations like wedding or naming ceremonies, or purifying and sacred for house clearings or land clearings.  Essences can either be a subtle or more central part of the experience…that is totally up to the client.  My role is to create a beautiful, honoring and sacred ceremony, incorporating the essences in a way that helps to deepen the experience and carry the profound energies that result into the future. 
(Pricing varies; please contact me to discuss)

Wedding Ceremonies

weddingsI can consult with you to choose essences that will enhance the wedding ceremony, or design a spiritual celebration to honor a legal wedding that has already taken place.  In some cases, I have conducted a private essence meditation with the couple to affirm and deepen their intention for married life.  The latter can be done either a few days before, or a few days after the actual marriage ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

naming ceremoniesEssences/ceremony can be used to create a sacred space within which to choose a name for a child; they can also be used to create an experience where the chosen name is announced to family, friends and the Universe.  Either or both of these services is available as a gift to expectant parents or something they choose to do themselves to give greater honor and meaning to the naming of their child.


dandelionCeremony to honor one’s recovery…from grief, from addiction, from a long illness…is a powerful way to affirm your intention to create a different reality for yourself.  Inviting the essences to join with you in creating and realizing your new life focus is the equivalent of inviting a powerful and wise guide to support you on your journey.  They support you when you experience fear or confusion; they are there for you when you experience a set-back; and they are there to keep your heart open and your spirit strong when your goal is just a few steps away.  This can be a private or public ceremony…that is totally up to you.

House and/or Land Clearing

old-houseThe essences are powerful messengers from the spirit world to purify houses and/or land that have negative or threatening energies, either from past owners or from events that occurred prior to the building of the home.  I can advise you regarding which essences to use and how to use them to support your strong intention for unwelcome energies to leave your location, and to create a peaceful and safe environment going forward.


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