EOs for Dreaming…and…the Winner from the Durango Show

by | Sep 29, 2013

I frequently am asked “What essential oils will help me remember my dreams?” …or some version of that question.  I think there are several techniques to facilitate dreaming and dream retention.  One easy one is to state the intention before going to sleep that you wish to remember your dreams.  Another easy one is to keep a notepad next to your bed, and  jot down your memories of your dreams immediately upon waking.  By the way, just putting the notepad next to your bed is another way of affirming your intention to remember your dreams.  And, of course, there are a number of essences that are considered to facilitate dreams and dream retention.

dream dream dream aromakit  The Portal to our Dreams

Here are a few from my newest AromaKit – Dream, Dream, Dream.

Emerald Cypress:  The “giver of sweet goodbyes”, Emerald Cypress allows us to release lost loves, precious animal friends and cherished times past with a tender dream experience that lets us have the “one last time” we yearned for.  A drop over your heart and one on your third eye, along with a heart-felt request of Ms. Cypress, and it will be so.

Lavender, Highland (1200 meters):  This high-vibration, wild-crafted lavender enlivens our crown chakra and facilitates bringing the angelic realm, our ancestors, and our higher self to bear on the substance of our dreams.  This is where the magic happens…where problems are unraveled and doors, which were previously locked, swing open wide to invite us in.

Violet:  This “iron hand in a velvet glove” softly, but firmly, leads us to…and through…our deepest fears.  She lights the candle and shows us the way through the darkness and into the bright light of truth.  She brings us the “ah ha’s” of our dreams and that deeper understanding that is possible when our fears are bought out into the light.  That which stays hidden, stays misunderstood.

Blue Tansy:  “You are falling into a deep, deep sleep…”  That is Blue Tansy’s gift.  She brings rest to those so weary of tossing and turning…a peaceful and calming rest that is a balm to the soul and which allows us to experience dreams.  These are not the fitful dreams that awake us with a start…these are the dreams of insight and comfort. This oasis of rest carries into the day, and allows us to face the events of our day with resourcefulness and serenity.

This is just a sampling of the 15 essences contained in Dream, Dream, Dream, which, together, facilitate deep, restful sleep, dreaming and dream retention.  The AromaKit includes 2 ml each of:  Spikenard, Wild Tansy, Zanthoxylum, White Spruce, Wild Chamomile, Copal, Spearmint, Emerald Cypress, Douglas Fir, Highland Lavender, Rosemary verbenone, Blue Tansy, Violet, Frankincense and Buddha Wood.  They enhance our dream experience and bring forth the beauty and mystery of our deepest feelings and possibilities.



Congratulations to Mark Lewis, who won a bottle of our exquisite Highland Lavender in the drawing at the Durango WholeHome-Page-Header4Expo earlier this month.  This is the lavender mentioned in the Dream, Dream, Dream discussion above, and is also fabulous for soothing the nerves, meditation, and a wide array of physical ailments, including burns, bumps, bruises and muscle & joint aches.  Thank you for stopping by our booth, Mark, and enjoy your beautiful, wild-crafted lavender from Mt. de Cheiron in France (a picture of which is the opening image for my website…)

December Certification Class in Medicinal Aromatherapy:

Still room for a few more students or auditors in my December 7-8 Foundational class in Santa Fe, NM.  A couple of more students signed up last week, and I like to keep the classes small for ample discussion and a personalized experience for all.  The early registration discount is good through November 7th, so let me know if you are interested in learning more about the class or registering.  This is a class that empowers you, inspires you and deepens you, all with the support and love of the Plant Kingdom!   505-438-0855 or my cell, 928-300-5090.

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Blessings & lots of love, Audre Gutierrez