Does Belief in Eos Enhance Healing?

by | May 28, 2012

I hope I can do this very important “Thought” justice in a few paragraphs…

In Valerie Worwood’s Aromatherapy for the Soul, she makes the point that, under certain circumstances, the oils can literally “switch off”. She states:

“The energy of essential oils varies, depending upon the mind frame of those handling them. Whether I spoke to [while interviewing people for her book] scientists who take measurements of essential oils, religious leaders or medicine men, all were in agreement: essential oils have a vibration that is altered by the persons handling them. This fact throws light on a strange (or not so strange) phenomenon: two people using the same species of essential oil can elicit two different responses — one that has the desired effect and one that doesn’t. It almost seems as if, in the latter case, the oil has been sapped of its energy; however it is more likely the case that the light potential in the oil has been switched off, and, thankfully, can be rekindled.” (Chapter 2)

An experience one of my students, Sam, had in the last couple of days reminded me of this concept. Please bear with me while I quote from his email of yesterday:

“We [he and his partner, also a student of mine] were having a great drive in Northern NM yesterday. We stopped for gas, and she mistakenly caught her right pointing finger in the car door. The blood was shooting all over the place. It was a bad scene. As [she is] a professional flutist & African drummer, I was very concerned. Could she lose this finger? …the gash was deep. I poured Cedarwood Atlas on it & I am not exaggerating, the bleeding stopped in 10 seconds. I then poured Spike Lavender on it, & the pain stopped. I dressed the wound, & she fainted…she was in deep shock. I got her to the car & poured Spike Lavender on her head, put a thick layer of it on her upper lip. Within a half hour, the shock was gone. I put some Lavender on our dog, who was freaked out, & on myself.

I looked at the wound when we arrived @ my friend’s house, it was already mending. No stitches or ER. We had a fun afternoon with our friends. When we returned home, she poured Davana & Helichyrsum arenarium on it, & today she is just wearing a small band aid. The wound looks almost healed. Cedarwood Atlas was the miracle. I humbly bow to her. I think those like my partner, who are so connected to the plants & trees, are really open to this medicine.”

Although the healing power that is demonstrated in this incredible account is worthy of note in and of itself, I want to particularly stress his observation about her connection to the plants & trees (and the inference that could be drawn that this was a factor in the efficacy of these oils in such a traumatic situation).

So…how big a part does trust and belief in the plants and trees, and a personal relationship with them, play in their power to heal us? Conversely, how big a part does skepticism and disbelief/mistrust or disconnection from them play when they are ineffective or less effective at healing us? I have some musings and perspectiveson this that I will sharein my next Essential Thought, but for now, I would just like to offer these two accounts to you for your consideration and contemplation.

If you have thoughts on this topic, I would love to hear them, as, quite honestly, my position on this is evolving!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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