Creating the “Perfect Day”

by | Sep 30, 2011

Today on AOL I read a beautiful account of a man who created “the perfect day” for his pet who was dying of a heart condition. I got all “teary-eyed” over his story about filling that day will everything the dog loved…even physical exertion that had been “off limits” in recent years because of his heart condition. So, the author joyfully watched his dog bound up the steps to the bedroom, just like old times.

I got “teary-eyed” because I remembered my last day with my beloved Milli — my little Pekingese soulmate who graced my life for over 10 years. On the way to the vet to have her euthanized due to her rapidly painful and deterioring physical condition, I stopped numerous times…to sit with her under a shady tree, next to a creek, at a vista point, and (finally) to sit in the parking lot of the vet’s office with her, relishing one more moment of her precious energy and our incredible bond. I told her stories about how she came into my life, things she did as a puppy, what she meant to me, and invited her to “visit” in any way or at any time she wished, once she was on the other side. It was my own “version” of the Perfect Day, and it helped to anchor our physical reality before her passing.

Recently, several people who work in hospice programs have inquired about or taken our Level 1 class, interested in learning more about how to use the essences to create a loving, peaceful energy for both the person close to passing and their family/caregivers. The plants and trees are perfect partners for moving us from fear, anxiety and grief to love, peace and acceptance. Frankincense applied to the crown chakra, and/or massaged into the feet, raises one’s vibration and is soothing to the spirit. Ocean Pine softly centers you in the face of turmoil, with a few drops on the crown and on the soles of the feet. Blood Orange or Mexican Lime massaged into the feet creates a feeling of support and lifts the spirit. Finally, Magnolia or Rhododendron gives peace to a questioning heart and communcates clearly that “all shall be well.”

The story about the Perfect Day is also a reminder that creating those perfect days (or hours or moments) for those we care about is something within our control that doesn’t have to be reserved for an “end of life” situation. One of our students told us that a friend was feeling very stressed, very frustrated, and was using her as a sounding board to air her feelings and ask advice. Our student gently placed a drop of Jasmine essential oil just under her friend’s nose…and the entire energy of the exchange shifted. Later her friend called and said…”I don’t know what you put on me yesterday, but I felt more peaceful and slept more soundly than I have in a long, long time.”

Another client invited several good friends over to her home and they had an “essence evening”…where she shared her beautiful oils with people she cared about…and created a Perfect Ending to their day!

May today be your Perfect Day, filled with people who love you, places that uplift you, experiences that enlight you, and appreciation for who YOU are.

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Shining Sun Aromatherapy

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