Creating New Memories…

by | Mar 27, 2014

On the news yesterday, a commentator was talking about “making new memories” in the context of a previous political campaign, where, perhaps, the candidate made some very public “faux pas” that proved to be embarrassing and the campaign and his/her reputation. By running again, doing it more effectively, THAT will be the memory that is left with people, not the first run.

I was very taken by that phrase, “making new memories”, and believe it is a powerful changing the pasttechnique to let go of old baggage and move on with our lives!  While they were talking more about changing the memory in the minds of the public, I am re-focusing it to look at the process of changing the memory internally. I think if we “re-do” the old experience much more positively or effectively, it will literally “re-wire” our brains and “over-write” painful past experiences that continue to confine, define or suppress us.  So, this would argue for having the courage to re-visit things that we fear or avoid because of previous upset…and going back for a “re do”…and making a new memory! I think Laurel Leaf and Mugwort essential oils would be excellent partners in this journey to “re-write history” in a very positive and healthy way!

What do you think of this approach? Has it worked for you in the past?

Hope this Essential Thought finds you well…and letting go of anything that holds you back from your truth or your path.

Audre Gutierrez, Shining Sun Aromatherapy