Comfort for a Fussy Baby, Puppy…fill in the blank!

by | Aug 19, 2012

I recently had a very sad event happen…a one day old baby chick died as a result of being pecked by her “mother”…who had been fine with all of the other chicks, but, for some reason, did not want her to survive. I found her before she died, and tried my best to save her, but too much damage had been done. We were traumatized and broken-hearted, as we adore our animals. When another little chick was hatched two days later, we resolved to raise her for the first few months by ourselves.

Leonardo fixed her a little “nest” in a box, and we put in food, water, a soft hand towel for her to snuggle down in, and a heat lamp for warmth. She chirped and chirped…so we hugged her and held her, and she quieted down. The next day, she chirped and chirped again…and it was difficult to quiet her, so I got the idea to take a little stuffed bear that Leonardo had given me and put several drops of Lavender on it…trusting that it would calm and settle her. Sure enough…a few minutes after I put the bear in her box, her chirping quieted. I snuck up to the box and peeked in…this is what I saw!

It reminded me of what we had done when we had a new puppy who nissed his litter mates…same thing. And it worked with the puppy too! So, why not a new baby? A teething baby (a little clove bud essence on the gums helps, too)? A fussy baby? The essences are something pure, natural that the little beings recognize…they respond to it instinctively and it calms them. Excellent ones would be a Lavender or Lavandin, Rhododendron, any of the conifers (Fir, Balsam and Spruce, White come to mind), and the citruses, like Blood Orange or Lime, Mexican, would be wonderful, too . Anything to soothe, calm and quiet the anxious little one.

You know, the essences are a great balm for us, too. I always put my oils on before I go to bed…I drift off in a cloud of soothing, loving fragrance, and the feeling that all is well in my world. A lot of people love to spray our hydrosols on their pillow/sheets before bed…Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Sweet Grass. Ooh-la-la.

And our little one? We came home from dinner last night to this incredible sight…did you ever see anything so sweet??

Remember this little story (and the beautiful sight of this calm little chick, Sunny, who cuddled up to the bear all on her own) the next time you or your family or friends have a new puppy, bird, kitten…or even a precious baby…to soothe. The plants and trees are there to comfort us when we feel alone or distraught. We just need to invite them in!

Until next time….enjoy your essences!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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